Not Getting Lost in the Woods

MatthiessenCreekBottomsThe old phrase “lost in the woods” applies to all of us at various times.

But for me yesterday it didn’t, thanks to the sun, a good compass and paying attention.

Knowing and walking with Jesus can sometimes be a lot like moving through the woods, even unfamiliar places at times.VermilionRiver

The same 3 points apply: keeping your eyes on the Son, careful attention to Him, His Word (a surer compass I know not of!) and attentiveness to His desires even beyond our perceived needs. I spend some of these trips just sitting, praying, watching and listening.

So my dear Father-in-law Curt and I have taken these day trips every so often. Restful, fun and we both enjoy taking and exchanging pics from different areas in each forest we visit. I sometimes get a little hunting in, he is just about ready to do some fishing again and I may join him in that. Regardless, nature’s beauty is a tonic to us both.BerryPurty

Both of us were raised in Wisconsin, boys who love the woods, new sights and sounds, a bit of adventure.

Here are just a few shots from my phone taken yesterday in central Illinois in Matthiessen State Park on/near the Vermilion River.

Tell you what, I walked up and down a lot of  steep ridges, in and out of valleys, about 4-5 miles… so exercise was also had 🙂

And sometimes you see really strange stuff in the woods. Somebody reading this will know, but on a trail out to meet Curt I walked up on this. Errr…StrangeWood

Living in inner-city Chicago is a gift to me, but so is nature and times like these.RareGKselfie

Climbing up and down with a pack was at times a bit warm, but most of the day I was under the trees, a cool breeze blew through and really it was quite nice. About a ten minute cool rain fell just as I left the woods which I enjoyed it sort of half-sitting beneath one of the few trees near the road. Its leaves had already turned mostly red with a bit of yellow. Beautiful.

And my fave season- Autumn -is just around the corner… yahoo!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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