Somebody STOP Me… naaahhhhh :)

DiddleyBowI suppose I could help myself but why -when I get to build stuff with throw-away materials, use my creative imagination and just have fun building, then playing little guitars, in particular one-string “diddley bows” like this one!

I love doing cool stuff with little, and when travelling in particular love something you can just toss in a bag or on your shoulder and go.

A couple nights ago my wife was occupied with a movie she wanted to see, but the flick wasn’t my “cup of tea”.

I found myself inspired to use an hour building what you see here, tweaking it a bit and yahoo 🙂
In building all sort of cigar box, found-object and frankenstein guitars I had never attempted “the SHORTEST playable little diddley-bow slide guitar that still gives a full two octaves worth of notes”. Now I have.

Made a couple of mistakes. Then again there are almost always “workarounds”, several ways of getting the same basic thing accomplished.WrongWayButHey

Like I didn’t mount the neck properly cuz I’m right-handed… and the Altoids tin is upside-down when I play. No biggie.

Then, I realized after carefully pre-drilling all the holes that the one for my flat head screw serving as a “bridge” was so nice and tight that to get it out would crack the 5/8th inch dowel serving as a neck which proceeds inside right to the tail end of the tin.

The mounting of the flat head screw used as a “nut” is fine, but the “bridge” wood screw ended up on a bit of an angle which meant when I moved my little slide (cut from a piece of electrical conduit, smoothed on a brass wheel) up and down on the string, it deadened the sound rather than allowing the string to sing out. That’s because of the angle. What to do?

I had that long bolt/nut combo you see which tightened snugly between the string hole and the “bridge” nut, and in that it’s thickness makes it higher than the wood screw… which helps holds it tightly in place between the string and screw, perfecto!

I added the two little eye screws for a string/strap and tuned the .016 plain guitar string to E. Two full octaves of coolness!

Adding red electrical tape (matching the Altoids tin… HEY DERE!!:) and a pickup (packing taped to the back of the tin of course) means you can laugh -but it made my day if not week.

She is a total of 18 1/4 inches long head to tail with a 15 1/4 scale (bridge-to-nut). Basic eyebolt with wingnut “tuner”, piezo pickup on the back.PortoPiezo Sure, could have mounted the pickup inside but it’s one of my portables, so I can take it off and put it on another git if needed.TakeYerPicAndSlide

Between a personal reading time and the next day’s full eye exam, I decided when I got home to just sit and play this little honey for a bit. All that together inspired a little tune. Ya just never know until you give it a go!

As always, thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

CONTACT LENS by glenn kaiser

We don’t know the day or the hour
Or exactly when
Some say we’re all just crazy
I say I got me a friend
Sticks closer than a brother
Death won’t tear us apart
I live in Him
He lives in me
Love Him with all a my heart

A sound like you never heard before
Louder than the roar of the sea
An’ this ol’ world will roll up like a scroll
An’ every eye shall see

You ain’t got to believe
Think whatever you like
Truth doesn’t change by one degree
Be it day or night
Early, in the mornin’
Or late in the midnight hour
A shout will be heard
Call it absurd
Doubt every bit of the power

Will be a sound like you never heard before
Louder than the roar of the sea
An’ this ol’ world will roll up like a scroll
An’ every eye shall see

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