A Conversation With Grace

A Bridge, Not a WallWell, a “conversation” in that any of us can reply whenever we choose to…

Grace is a bridge, not a wall.

Grace says “Not guilty” by way of forgiveness, compassion and ultimately,  love.

Grace says you have the space, time and opportunity to try again.

Grace says there is more to learn and here is a chance and yet another chance to “get it”, grow, progress.

Grace says “Relationship in love, not only nor merely performance”.

Grace says you have value and worth because the God Who made you says you do… unlike others who either believe you have none or demand payment before they’ll believe you have any.

Grace calls for repentance and sacrifice at times through an experience of suffering -all based in a relational love that comes from the risen Christ to you and toward the one/s you truly love, THROUGH you.

Grace unshared is not the true grace of the true God.

As always, thanks for stopping by!  -Glenn

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