RESTing is GOOD!

Well, unless it’s just plain laziness when you need to get up and get some work done…

Then again, there are times we need to keep the Sabbath and just plain rest.

God knew what He was commanding us and why. We need it.

I am sleeping in tomorrow in that getting up early, leading Sunday worship, then doing a set at a mini-fest in the park (Berwyn GLOBEfest) with a Janesville, Wisconsin set on the Friday made for a full weekend!

All good, truly- but Lord willing I will sleep until I wake up tomorrow, late morning.

How about you? Do you, like me, find yourself working on weekends, sometimes finding it difficult to just carve out a full sleep-in day? We need ’em. Some things can wait from time to time.

I took just a moment tonight to look at what God does most every evening. This was the western sky. He does this stuff nearly all the time. Well, I bet somewhere on the planet there is an amazing sun setting even if it’s not where you and I are at the time.


He knows what He’s doing and knows we -need- His rest, to enter into His works and rest from our own.


And with that, G’night! And thanks for stopping by, -Glenn

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