The Very Hairs On Your Head??

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.” Luke 12.7

Sometimes you may feel useless, worthless, of zero value. I mean, why would God love YOU the way you are? Why would you expect to get what you pray for, especially when at times it is clear He doesn’t/did not answer your prayers. You’ve lost it, you are a loser, end of story?20150818_103913

And why not be freaked out at God- that mean, wrathful, maybe even vengeful God Who may have every right to crush you like powder for your apparent lack of love, your sins?

How can we expect Him to care about us?

Great questions.

The main answer is Jesus on the cross, and walking out of that grave with YOU in His mind and for The Father and You being His purpose for all that suffering He experienced. But there is more to unpack regarding our daily life:

Jesus knows exactly what our needs are. Sometimes people follow Him as their needs or just “wants” are met… and blow Him off with ease when He doesn’t “come through for them”.

Really? So -who- is the true “God” or shall we say “god” in your life?

It is amazing how quickly we forget things like the verse quoted above.

Ever consider WHY God gives a rip about the number of hairs on your head?

The longer I live the more I laugh about this. Well, sometimes very soberly bow my less-hair-than-before head and just thank the true God for His true love.

He is FAR more than a mathematician! It isn’t about “you rotten sinner” (though it could be, we all sin and fall short) but the God Who IS Love caring about our needs who at times does not answer our prayers, doesn’t dump the “honey bucket” on our heads but rather calls us to grow in Him by trusting and following Him even IN the midst of trouble, pain and what seems “the silent treatment” by our Lord.

Our common (believe it or not, like it or not…) heavenly Father KNOWS what you need before you even ask Him.

This is all about relationship. Relationship regardless.

He isn’t going to change in His love for you or me. WE MUST CHANGE and the obvious deal is that the change He desires in us comes from both the amazing gifts, blessings, hugs, treats and what we deem “positives” in life… and equally when the clouds and rain and blow-your-house-down winds come as they do and shall in everyone’s earthly journey.

Do I always like it? Of course not! Do I NEED such trials to teach me His faithfulness and to grow (as oppose to park and stagnate) in my spiritual life? Apparently so.

Hebrews chapter 12 rocks on this very theme.

But what of the hairs on our heads?

The one true God Who loves you cares so much about you that He even pays attention to such things as that.

This very verse showed up this morning in a daily devotional I get in my inbox.

It was a core verse I believe I was led to share in prison after prison show this past week all over Ohio.

I think Someone is trying to tell me/us something 🙂

Do not live in fear, nor anger, no resentment or unforgiveness, and learn to have faith in our Father, in our Lord Jesus and God The Holy Spirit… learn to trust HIS Word above YOUR (and my) thoughts… and grow in spiritual maturity, faithFULNESS toward our God and one another.

We have the keys to the kingdom though at times we may look to some like paupers.

Jesus Christ IS the key, the best Friend and the most faithful of all.

His provision- even when it looks like there will be none- comes first in our very relationship to Him.

Things to consider on this August day!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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