GK @ Sturgis Bike Week Report

SweetBikesSturgis.jpgMusicForTheSoulStageSeriously COOL!

I have been pleased to work with Don and Rhea Overbey many times through the years and never been disappointed by their love and heart for motorcycle peeps and other people often on the fringes of life needing God’s love.LookinLeftInSturgis

Some years ago we met at a CMA rally in Indiana (or Ohio… I forget now) as Don was doing sound at the event. We have been friends and co-laborers ever since.

They do a huge outreach at Sturgis Bike Week every year with a lot of talented musicians and plenty of helpers who make it all run fairly smooth. And this, the 75th Sturgis Rally saw over a million people show up.JusAlilIron

I got to hang out with so many friends who I have known for years, others finally meeting face-to-face. Long, late chats, plenty jamming with my cigarbox and diddley bow gits, harps, with my friend Shannon Coberly’s amazing new guitar build (actually two of them) and amp, several other BEAUtiful old gits, amps and such.CigarboxAndDiddley

Also did 2 sets that allowed me to play bass (which I love and rarely get to do) with Eddie “Bigun” Day blowin’ amazing guitar and the brilliant Scott Hazen on drums. Just a treat! Sittin’ in with the Big Mac Combo, Stephen King and band, on it went… just great people, bands, brothers in the Lord.TonyLoefflerBand

Don and Rhea Overbey do powerful work with family and a crew of volunteers that just plain serve and ROCKed us all with kindness.

Long list- my friend Rev. Jimmy Bratcher and band, Shannon and Cindy Coberly and band, I mean they were all so cool and truly laid out the music, kindness and good news to this part of a world in need.

A -lot- of Christian bike clubs helped pass out many thousands (no exaggeration) of free cds containing some of my music, GKB, other blues and blues-rock tunes, in fact I believe there were 3 or 4 different cds given to bikers walking, riding by, sitting across the street listening and such. The GKB-based cd was graciously produced, manufactured and provided via Street Level out of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN via my longtime friend Scott Coulson who came down with two more dear ones to serve and hang out a couple days with us.FreeCDs

Gerry McCann, Stephen H. King, Tony Loeffler, Bruce Fry and longtime friend Mike Furches were and are gems. So fun to hear, sit in on several of their sets, so cool to interact in conversation with them.TheRevJimmyBratcherBand

These are always cool days, but the weather is often hotter than… but not this time! Nice breezes, sunny but perfect for outdoor shows.

One night Scott Coulson slept in the other cot in my room, the rest Eddie “Bigun” Day -just great bros.. I have no idea if any of us snored because by the time we hit the hay every night we were all out cold from long and great days of music and discussion.

One late night the hail came down but not until the crew closed up the stage right after the last set. Nice.

I can’t say enough good about the volunteers, various Christian bike clubs, individuals, the youngest kids who helped cook and serve meals, clean, take the garbage out -and all with a smile.

Don and Rhea have been at it in Macksville, Kansas, working annually in Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week, and several other motorcycle rallies for a long time and could use any prayer and financial support you might be led to give.

Here is their website with contact info. and a lot more re. these two dear friends.


So- credits to several of these aforementioned buddies for cool pics they took (below) during my time at this year’s rally. I grabbed them from Facebook and thought it might be cool to add them to my own phone pics above here.EddieGerryGlennAtSturgis


As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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