The God Option

A. W. Tozer once wrote something along the lines of “If you will be satisfied with an imaginary savior you will have to be satisfied with an imaginary salvation”. Whew!

I recently wrote about options and mentioned that due to the internet never has there been more opportunity to research and fantasize about one’s possible options.

This, in my view, is very good. It is also the Pandora’s Box of our times.

Again, I am a Linux guy, I love and use several web-connected devices each and every day. The issue is not mere (and purely) knowledge. See the early chapters of Genesis and if you think very deeply on it, the issue was non-Gods (Adam and Eve) acting AS God. In very simplistic, blunt terms, the “not” acting out as “I Am”. History records the extent of the damage.

As God is one of many, many options along with all the other options, everything from fanatical, non-reasoned, knee-jerk violence all the way to full-on atheism (which few truly are imho, frankly) as well as smatterings of “maybe” and just tacit indifference are all part of the spectrum of options.

Certainly these and other views on God have existed from the earliest history of the human race, but in our time the world-wide-web connections help sustain my core points: God is but one of many options and therefore, optional.

Until your heart stops beating. Until nothing short of a “miracle” can bring you escape from death, continual pain, crosses you cannot seem to escape or simply freedom from the misery and literal impossibility of being a victim of your worst, seemingly inescapable enemy: yourself.

How would I know?

God was my last… and it turned out, not only “only” but BEST option. Then again mercy, forgiveness, redemption, eternal LIFE were more than options in my view. They were necessities without which I could not be alive and writing this blog without.

it all came down to relationship, not mere knowledge or information. I had access to a lot of that prior to coming to Jesus in faith and surrender.

But as some in the early Jesus Movement days used to say, “Jesus isn’t my “crutch”. He’s my Iron Lung!” I cannot live without Him and would not be alive but for Him.

In my view, God is far other than an option. His presence and action in my mind, heart, choices and life are ESSENTIAL in relationship, both to Him, my relationship to my wife, kids, grandkids, friends, church community and the world I interact with every single day.

To consider God a mere option is much like considering love and death optional.

Something to consider, and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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