What Small Group Commitment Can Do?!

20150719_203807A very new (just over 1 year) local congregation of about 60 people decided to do a relationship-building one-day festival in their city.

Of course not all in the fellowship were able to help out, but a strong core did, and this is what they produced in Monterrey, Mexico.20150718_132414
They brought in one international artist (myself) some very talented local musicians,20150718_172129 dj’s, paint and chalk and other artists,20150718_15400320150718_153934 clothing design peeps, tumblers, fire-twirllers,20150718_214736 bmx bikers20150718_163404 and food trucks.20150718_163627

From 1-10pm that Saturday the weather cooperated and it was a blast!20150718_163439

Think about what a small group of committed people can bring their neighborhood, town or city!?


This was their very first attempt at such a thing. Wow.20150718_150757


Kudos to staff at ActivArte Fest! It was my pleasure to work with you 🙂


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