Sweet Time In Uptown, Chicago at Argyle Night Market

GKargyleNightMktFor as long as I can remember as both a fan and musician I flat-out LOVE outdoor shows, block parties and all open-air sets. When the weather is sunny but with a nice cool breeze, people smiling, dancing and sharing community is just a blast.

Tonight at Argyle Street Wendi and I had a lot of fun, lots of chats with cool peeps -Uptown United and Ward folks were gems to work with.

I was able to do about an hour of blues, got the cigarbox guitars and diddley bow as well as a 6 string acoustic and harp out, the Percolator amp cooked and it was truly fun, like 6 blocks from our house!

So kudos to David Baumgartner for his help and this backstage photo as I brought the blues set.

Great night, expect to do it again!

Next up STURGIS BIKE RALLY blues sets. Nice!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


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