Today, Monterrey, MEX

What a sweet, dear family I have been hosted by here!

I rarely have a day off when touring but today was one, the weather was actually cooler here than in Chicago… and we had great meals, got to see a lot of cool architecture, the river here, mountains and most of all, hanging out with great people.

All over the world I have been blessed with getting to spend time with amazing people, and it is such an encouragement as I travel.

Good and genuine people are BY FAR more important than all the rest though it is fun and sweet to enjoy a lot of other experiences when touring. Truly, the people are what make it for me, neither music, food, scenery or other pleasures compare in the end.

Getting to hear their stories, see the grace God brings into others lives is a gift I deeply appreciate.

So tomorrow I do part of a set closing out the (in English) ActiveArts Fest and the rest of the set with a local bassist and drummer, both quite talented.

It will be cool to hear the other groups and see what is what south of “the border”.

One thing is certain- the people I have gotten to know here are gems.

So… a bit of study and prayer and then zzzz-time!

Thankful you stopped by my site, -Glenn

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