End of School?

So the other day my wife and I stopped in for a visit at the “end of school year” party to play a game with the kids, listen to our grandson read and check out his work on their last day in kindergarten.

Fun. And the watermelon was great. And the cookies which I did not eat cuz I’m being good… ha!

Of course I took photos of he and Grammy. But this is what I HAD to have pics of as they would have been seeing it through their first official year of education:

20150619_10443520150619_10440220150619_104339Now… it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand how solid all of these written reminders are… but hey, adults (and plenty you read online in Facebook and other places) including myself could stand to apply this stuff.

I wonder if we ever truly “graduate”? Well, there’s always 1st grade as we near autumn.

Great teacher, GREAT advice.

I don’t think any of us fully graduate until the end of this life. And frankly, if you don’t walk with The Teacher (and even if you do) reminders and application are a big part of growing up- or not.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

One thought on “End of School?

  1. There was a book out years ago I remember, forgive me if I get the title wrong, but I think it was, “Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten “. Kinda the same vibe!

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