The GIFT of Failure!

20150701_112953Failure is often a needed gift.

Yes, you don’t need to get your eyes checked, I really mean what I said here.

How can this be?

I will just mention three general areas I believe this to be true from my own life experience.

Failure helps us navigate what we will often have to in life, that is, fails and disappointment. There are a LOT of these in the world, coming from others, from ourselves, simply not getting what we expect or even think we ought to expect from God in a matter.

Part of the gift is learning how to acquire a good and faithful heart attitude toward God and others and even toward the area of failure especially WHEN failure seems stitched into the journey or situation.

We often mimic others in order to learn how to do just about -anything-. Most of us fail as we begin learning the new thing, it’s truly a normal part of the process.

If we are not willing to keep coming back and trying a second, third and fourth time, I reckon that to be a gift as well. Why beat your head against a wall when you are not truly gifted or committed to the thing you are working so hard to accomplish? This is partly how we learn what our REAL gifts and energies should be spent on in order to succeed. Again, attitude and walking in the peace of God is more important that the actual task.

Lastly, if we DO have a sense of calling, are truly committed and keep coming back to try again and eventually “get it”, our failures have caused us to grow in these and other areas to an extent we are stronger than had we not gone through the experience of failing.

Now… how would I know anything about all this? HA! Indeed, how?!! Yep.

Things to consider as you day-dream on a summer’s day!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


2 thoughts on “The GIFT of Failure!

  1. Lieber Glenn, das ist so wahr, was Du sagst. Auf den Punkt gebracht.
    Ich wünsche uns Menschen allen, vor allem auch den jungen, heranwachsenden, das zu verstehen. Uns “old folks”, es ihnen vorleben zu können. Alles Gute für euch weiterhin! Wolfgang.


    1. For English readers, the above message from a German friend: “Dear Glenn, that’s so true what you say. To the point. I wish us humans all, above all the young, adolescent, to understand that. Us “old folks”, to be able to live in them. All the best for you also! Wolfgang.

      GK replies: Ha, it takes time as I say, patience… and this we old folks need to grow in of course 🙂 Thanks Wolfgang, -Glenn


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