Charleston… “Lovebomb”

You may have seen (or heard of) “yarn-bombing”, where peeps place cool colored yarn around fire hydrants, trees, ugly lamp posts, etc.. I know it’s frowned upon by many, and it is indeed a nuevo-hippie sort of art… and perhaps illegal in many places, or just plain unwanted and unappreciated. Got that. But the point is beauty and creativity in what can be and at times is a rough life-journey.

I’m aware of the roots of the term “love-bombing” and they ain’t always great re. what I and many reading this would call “false spirituality group” usage. Yet I choose to redeem the phrase in the most literal sense: LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR FULLY regardless. Love your enemies. Forgive those who have sinned against you. Now who was it that commanded us this? It’s all part of Jesus’ call to those of us calling ourselves Christ-followers. So far I hear a great deal of grace and forgiveness from the many families, church and others in S.C., and this is not mere chatter… it is grace in action.

About a month ago I wrote the following lyric and recorded “Lovebomb”.

Prior to the killings in Charleston I had put together a couple solo blues setlists for upcoming shows, and had decided to add a few new songs that are yet unreleased. Lovebomb is one of them.

So sick and sad at the horrible, senseless killings of fellow Christians in a Bible study, Charleston, South Carolina, it was honestly only last night I remembered this was one of the last songs I recorded for an upcoming cigarbox blues project just prior to leaving for our European Tour. Wow. No “selling point” here, just one of my observations of the way things have always been and are in our sinful world.

Turning the other cheek and taking the hit is never a joy-ride and sometimes is the most difficult part of a truly loving, Christ-and-others focused life. And I surmise, frankly, why some do not and will not follow Jesus. He -commands- us to forgive and yet He, utterly sinless, forgiving, was crucified by sinners who judged Him only worthy of death. He suffered out of love for all sinners… including you and me.

With prayers and sadness, it seems the Spirit brought something my way even before this sick event. He sometimes does this out of His love for us. So- for all who seek to live a godly life in Christ Jesus:


glenn kaiser

You might be the wrong color
You might be the wrong shape,
In the wrong place
At the wrong time
Enemies at your gate,
Wearin’ the wrong clothin’
Wearin’ the wrong face,
Too fast, too slow
Losin’ the human race

But honey I got news for you
Somebody’s on your side
Just understand salvation
Means bein’ crucified

You might feel mistreated
Or jus’ misunderstood,
You might feel rejected
In your own neighborhood,
Judged a pariah
Nobody offers bail,
You offer love
They push an’ shove
An’ out comes three nails

Ask yourself a question-
Really think it through
Who gets the best of what you got
Whose lovebomb are you?

You might feel mistreated
Or jus’ misunderstood,
You might feel rejected
In your own neighborhood,
Judged a pariah
Nobody offers bail,
You offer love
They push an’ shove
An’ out comes three nails

Got to face the fallout
Love has it’s expense
Spend yourself for somethin’ else
An’ life don’ make no sense


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  1. Thanks for these lyrics, Glenn. They touched my heart. Mobs attacked and burned 70 churches in Niger in January, and as many pastor’s homes. One pastor, describing tossing his children over walls and fleeing through neighbor’s yards told me, “At that moment, although afraid, I was also overwhelmed with love for my Moslem neighbors- they really did not know what they were doing.” I was blown away to say the least. My reaction, standing in burned out churches has not always been what it should be, I am ashamed to say.

    I just met with a small church here in Niger who lost three members when Boko Haram attacked their village and murdered dozens. One mother saw two of her sons executed. The pastor has a bounty on his head now.

    The best advice I ever heard is that the answer to suffering is not an explanation, but a person, Jesus. Even so come, Lord Jesus!

    I am heading back to the US next month for a while, taking up a new position. Hope I run into you again at Hebron

    Alan Bobbett

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