Final European Tour Post (3rd)- LOTS of Pics (and brief June Update)

>20150621_064349Wow. One week ago we were in Czech sleeping after a mainstage snow at a festival. Well, in that they are 7 hours ahead of us, we were actually setting up for a church service were the guys and I led a blues-rock-worship and I brought a message.

Been home a week. Here are my last GKB EuroTour reflections and pics.

**NOTE- This next bit was written during the tour which is now completed. We are home, next up for me solo is Peoria, IL (see post just before this one) and next after that AudioFeed Festival (Champaign, IL) myself doing 2 seminars, 3 music sets: blues w. Joe Filikso, another with GKB and another with Ami Moss and crew leading worship late-night. Yo! So- the first group of photos are from Hilde Bialach, some I think from Carsten Turner. Those at the end are mine from all over the tour.**

It is aftershow at Franzis Club in Wetzlar, Germany.

We had a pretty good set, an amazingly good crowd and in particular, on a Tuesday night it was rather astonishing to see such a kind and rather full house!

Ed and Roy rocked as always, I had moments wondering what planet I was on due to the volume, but I suppose I am a little spoiled these days doing so very many solo sets or sometimes shows with Joe Filisko, just a couple instruments, even if via amps, quite easy to hear regardless of the acoustics.

The people at Franzis have always been great friends to us, and this was perhaps the 3rd show Glenn Kaiser Band has played here.

Well, 3 more shows in Germany, then on to Czech Republic and the Lilie Festival where I get to do a cigarbox/found-object guitar making workshop and our last couple GKB sets in this EuroTour.
Then home to the love of my life, our sweet family, grandkids and JPUSA. Yes!
The other night I looked over the calendar for this summer. I am doing many solo sets, quite a few in Ohio prisons, several GKB dates and throughout June, July, August and into September I count at least 43 individual sets. Some of those prison dates are two or even three sets per day but I count those as one.

Wow. Thanks for your prayers… this old guy is moving around a bit!

The joy is that my sweet Wendi can come with me and on occasion with GKB as well, so that is truly a gift as the past few years she has been in such pain with arthritis it just couldn’t happen. God is so good, 2 new hips with great rehab work later she is walking and we can be together most of the weekend dates. Yahoo! Her needed knee replacement may come about in October.

My spiritual director friend asked about my schedule a couple months ago when he heard the way things were (most all quite positive) and then said “A younger man would be worn out by such a load”. I assured him I take breaks, sit in the garden, keep in the Word and prayer daily and keep accountable. Those are not mere words but my lifeline in the practical.

Meanwhile I can say without the love of God, my wife’s prayers, those of our church and so many of you I would indeed be dried up by now.

God the Holy Spirit moves. You got to move (as the Blind Willie Johnson song says)!

There are so many who need good news in a world loaded with a lot of heartbreak, pain and uncertainty. So here I go until I cannot.20150605_18191620150606_16372620150607_153416


No new instructions so the walk continues in the same direction 🙂

I am truly excited about a number of dates with my new cigarbox guitar from Ascendent Instruments… so much more I can do as she is a fretted instrument. I named her “Midnight” as she’s a beautiful black. And we are ever closer to that time in this world best as I can see it. So I have many new songs waiting to be let out in shows, ha!

But of course it’s “one day at a time”, and that is the way for all of us to live I think.

So hope to see you on the road somewhere! As always, thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn


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