EuroTour Part 2

So we have had some flippin’ KEWL times in Europa.

Note the pic with the bikes. I know I posted this earlier but… That was right near the Black Forest in Germany where 2 dudes came out, started them up and revved engines right as we came out to pop the first song. Nice. Nice bikes too 🙂 The rest of these shots came from the festival we played here in Czech a couple days ago.
20150613_181519FullSizeRender (1)20150613_210318What a tour! Busy as can be, 1 day off and a lot of gigs and travel. ALL good.

First, sorry this has taken so long but shows, travel, etc. trying to get our sleep, eat sanely, that was the way it was and often is on tour. I will post one more re. this tour a couple days after we get home to Chicago. Lots of photos for that one.

I really cannot say enough good about our dear friend Carsten, what a great tour!!

We thank the promoters in every place, all throughout Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. GREAT shows, truly amazing audiences, just super cool promoters and local crews in each place. GKB says THANK YOU! You treated us like royalty!

Today I am just posting a few from the cigarbox guitar workshop I was asked to do at Slezska Lilie Festival in Ostrava, Czech. Full crowd at that and they made some cool stuff, mostly gits, also 2 basses with weed-wacker line for strings which I brought from U.S.A. along with pre-cut and drilled necks and eye-bolt/wing-nut tuners. Fun!20150613_183940

Cool show at mainstage with fine tv production work peeps. And one more after in a hip church about 30 minutes from Ostrava. Sweet, sweet people!
And tomorrow we fly home to Sweet Home Chicago!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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