GKB EuroTour 2015 Part 1

20150603_011746I write this at 37,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean at some crazy hour of the night. Or I should say morning, as the sky outside the window is beginning to show a rosy
pink over the clouds.
A few people are standing knowing the blood and health is better when moving about rather than just staying seated on longer flights. I just did the same, taking on more water to balance out the coffee which was what I mostly drank today.

Once again we find ourselves (Glenn Kaiser Band) on an overseas tour. I have lost track of how many such trips but there have been many, first with Rez Band, then blues tours, solo tours, GKB tours and so on. This time it’s two weeks, mostly in Germany, a show in Switzerland and a couple in the Czech Republic.20150604_203417

As usual we expect many old friends, still showing up in memory of the Rez Band days when they were quite young and we helped them lose (or gain, depending on the meaning) their hearing all over Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa.

GKB has been to a number of these places adding Brazil to the memories several years ago.20150605_20251520150606_195242

From early 1972 until today it still amazes me the sort of reception we have gotten. Honestly- in so many ways I am the “anti-rock star front-man” and do not think of myself in the “big shot” attitude at all. I am fully passionate about many people and issues, but “elite artiste-Mr. Cool” I am not.

In REZ at least, my beautiful wife was a beautiful rockin’ mamma who would capture anyone’s heart who saw and heard her.

To be sure, there were just a handful of bands doing in-your-face rock in the early 70’s who actually followed Jesus and dealt with faith lyrically. I guess fewer still wrote about racism, the poor, injustice and person-on-the-street issues, but still…

This morning at breakfast a bro. asked where we were off to. When I told him he shared about encouraging another dude who always felt a bit insecure about chatting with complete strangers, much less sharing his love for Jesus with them in a direct way.

I told him I fully understood, though it would not be true to say I have ever felt very intimidated doing so myself. It really is a spiritual gift. It has also been part of my own salvation in that like any 12 Step program person knows, a big part of freedom from addiction is sharing the story with others.

Anyhow- putting my neck on the block seemed only a continuation of what I have always done, that is, singing about what I truly believe and care about.

Please know that it is an incredibly humbling thing to read some of the emails and snail-mail I get.

After all these years, the kind faces, the stories people share about what we somehow came to mean to them… I don’t cry easily but there have been times it is just overwhelming.
I know myself. Really. If not for God and His mercy, kind and authentic people in our local church community, if not for my amazing wife and friends I would have been SUCH a jerk. And I have been one anyway at times, which I am fully aware of.

So here we go again, seeing so many kind, smiling faces, people giving hugs (even after the show when I am wringing wet) and just so very sweet to us.

I truly dislike being apart from Wendi and my family and fellowship… but these nights of faith, music and chat are holy …and gifts for which I am extremely thankful.

I will add some pics here and later, perhaps write a bit more about this tour when I have time and a good wifi connection 🙂

—O.k., so I wrote the above earlier on. Today is a day off but I have quite a bit to do so will just add some pics for now. Just must say Ed and Roy are rocking cool as usual, Hilde doing the merch work great and the venerable Herr Carsten Turner (along with Judith and Henry) as always are making this tour AMAZING. The opening bands have been very cool, weather fabulous. And the last two pics here (the boat in Basel (Switz.) and stage setup in Egenhausen (Germany) were taken by Carsten, Hilde. Nice shots with Mac phone and tablet. And I write this on Austrumi Linux on my Acer netbook… HAAA! Alternative folks. With love.

Overlooking the Black Forest
Overlooking the Black Forest
Basel, Switzerland bridge at night
Basel, Switzerland bridge at night
Big thanks to the promoters and concert-goers who have come out so far… you make these tours a gift to us 🙂
FullSizeRender (1)
As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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