Let me begin by saying I never thought of myself as an excellence freak. But I try to bring value and quality to the world with what I do. And I keep trying.

Nobody who knows or has been around me in my musical offerings be it recorded or live, public speaking, etc., would think I brought nothing but technical excellence to the world. And they would be correct in their judgment.

Don’t get me wrong, I think both I and what I bring to the table still has meaning, value and in some cases is worth experiencing. It’s just that:


Yep, shouting! Because I think people often beat themselves up trying so hard they fail in never even giving X, Y or Z a shot.

Perhaps you are a perfectionist, you cannot stand anything less than pristine work.

Were you ever a novice? Did you ever try and fail when you began working in this or that area of art, relationships or some other area in life?

I often quote G.K. Chesterton who famously said “If anything is worth doing it’s worth doing poorly”- which I believe he meant “TRY. Make a start. Work and hone and practice and bring your cooking to the table… or you will never learn how to truly cook, neither in the technical sense nor in the aesthetic joy and expression of cooking! You do not have to be a gourmet and perhaps never shall be… but you can make a pretty nice burger if you keep coming back to the grill, study how, get some training, advice, etc.. GIVE IT A SHOT!”

Well o.k., maybe he wasn’t thinking all that… ha! But you get my point and I think I understand his.

Note this is the guy some thought was brilliant, others thought him crazy… and in part he made his living as an often published, often sought-after writer and… ready for this?? : art critic. Yes, a pro. art critic essentially giving others the freedom to try and realizing we all “flop” at times!

There are those who think Hendrix a less-than-stellar guitarist. I think they are dead wrong… but in any case have still heard the odd recording where you realize the guy’s having a very bad show or at least a rather out-of-tune guitar and less than the greatest moment!

Oh to be sure, there are the brilliant, never-a-bad-note players. This is no disclaimer nor “any rubbish offering will do, don’t bother even trying” post!

Rather, I am convinced that plenty of people could use the encouragement and patience as well as time to realize they may have chosen the wrong field while on the other hand, grace (UNmerited favor) of others in the process of creating.

It is indeed an act of faith. How sad and what an incredible loss for some to begin a road of faith and in time, falling into such severe doubt and depression they simply shrivel up and quit just as they may have learned their true calling.

Yes, I absolutely recognize some take such words as license to be who they are not, to die trying something they should have never attempted, to bring less that stuff of real quality and value to the world.

There are plenty of “wannabes” who bring non-gifts to the public. Think about all the absolute garbage often spewed out on the Internet!

Then consider if there were no Internet at all and ask yourself if you would rather not offer the platform for people to try as writers, musicians, whatever?

Grace? Really?

There are plenty of technicians without emotion or aesthetic quality, a multitude of emotive people with horrid technique and all sorts of people moving from the one end of the spectrum to the other… and back again.

And that, my dear reader, is what life is about.

Even Hendrix has his nay-sayers, doubters, critics. Then again, few reading this blog have ever written a note of music, the powerful songs, or brought the public performances that Hendrix did in his short and in some cases, sad life.

Excellence is the target you’ll never hit if you never aim for it. Further, opinion (usually your own) may or may not be the deciding factor in what people consider “true value”.

But you might be the “Jimi Hendrix” in your neighborhood.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

2 thoughts on “Excellence

  1. Glenn,
    I am no music officianad when it comes to exexcellence regarding proper technique or what one says an artist should or shouldn’t do. What I do know is that the gift of music God has given you impacts all who open their hearts and receive not just your talent but the messsge you send in Gods name. Thank you for being real and giving from your heart the message we all need. God’s word is true and thats why your music is annointed cause the message is inspired form the Master. Our Lord and Savior Jesus. Thank you for following the desire God put in your heart. Because of your obedience I know Jesus.
    Thank you.

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