Live Glenn Kaiser Webcasting Info

I have long known about Ustream Tv and other webcast sites, and am considering doing some live, real-time webcasting. If you might be interested I am asking for your input- please read on:

UstreamTv (like similar sites) is free. They collect your
information, allow you to log on, watch and listen and at times interact with the show.

There are advertisements but typically they’re easy to ignore.

If the show allows it (I would) people viewing a live webcast can type in questions live which the host can then respond to.

The host has full control over what is seen or not seen, so trolls, spammers and nonsense are not issues.

If you follow my blog, Twitter or Facebook or have any knowledge of my life and years of music, speaking and such, let’s just say I’ve “been around the block” a bit and hopefully could bring something of interest, encouragement and good challenge to people.

I would publicize the topic in advance. For the webcast I would speak for 20 minutes on the issue, then offer another 35 minutes for question/answer chatting. You would type, I would read, pick and choose and respond live.

So my questions to you follow here (below).

Please reply ONLY to my Yahoo Email address- and ONLY regarding webcasting. Thank you!

If I proceed with this, I will publicize webcast address, topic and time soon as all seems sensible.

My Q’s to you:

1. Would you log in to such a webcast?

2. If so, what topic/s would you like me to focus on?

Thanks so much, God Bless you!

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