Growin’ Up!

By now you and I both realize we’ve never completely “grown up”, that is to say we are always in flux, always learning more, always (hopefully!) studying and listening and paying the price in good attention in order to grow more though our life-journey.
Unless we have just given in and given up on ourselves and those we wish to somehow bless… as opposed to curse!

See, either we take the rain, sun, plant in good soil with nutrients that encourage growth or we are likely in a process of shriveling and eventually death. I mean it’s rather a daily moment-by-moment deal is it not? We choose our sources of input and either grow or implode.

Too many die on hills (hillsides? “bunny trails”, dead-ends on a dark backstreet?) not worthy of the sacrifice.

Then again one can be self-deceived. “THIS is what will make me HAPPY!!” “AHA… NOW I can breathe free and FLY” are often fantasies linked to a movie we watched as opposed to a life we actually sweat, bleed and grow in.

Gardens don’t just “happen”, not even in nature. Yeah, here comes the “God pitch”, but I am convinced you are either crazy, arrogant, ignorant or all three if you think some sort of “accident” creates the knock-your-eyes out natural garden paradises we see around this earth. Yep. Somebody, not merely something made the “big bang” go “Boom”. But of course, you don’t need information like this, it can truly spoil your/my own sense of personal deity.

Sound a bit harsh? Yep. Jesus said “IF (my caps) you CONTINUE in MY WORD, and my words remain in you… you will become (or “prove to be”) MY disciples… and you shall know The Truth and the TRUTH will make you free”.20150504_110224

Not free to be a spiritually immature and self-centered person the rest of your days…

But then comes the pruning, the clearing of weeds, the depth of soil (free will on that one for each of us…) and willingness to grow. No flower has a mind, will or the power of personal choice that humans do. We have A LOT to say about how healthy and how mature we grow… or don’t.


Things to consider, and as always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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