One quite obvious fact of life in 2015: the amazing amount of options available.20150417_101253

I suppose in one sense the world has always produced vast opportunities to think, speak, live and experience alternative hobbies, lifestyles and etc., but with the internet and travel possibilities that now exist, perhaps it’s never been so easy to discover new things to consider and try out.

Never quite so easy -or quick.

If you have access to a library and library card (in most U.S. cities) you can get online and “the world is your oyster” as the old saying goes.

Discovery, experience surfing (hey, “couch surfing”) has become for many a way of life.

Of course exploring, discovery and learning has happened from the time of Adam. Consider the negatives (a certain forbidden fruit in a garden) all the way to say, in the past century, penicillin.

As always there are uplifting and shall I as a Christian say “righteous” as well as enslaving or merely waste-of-time-and-energy options to be considered, enjoyed or discarded.

Who’s to say which is which, right?

In much of the world -Western societies especially, I and I alone (when I’m of age) say -that’s “who”!

Nothing new under the sun, only it seems to me, it’s accelerated. Maybe not, but this is my personal sense at this point in time.

Again, God, even my concept of God (or “if there IS a God” you may be thinking) it’s just one of many options of faith and belief, right?

I don’t personally believe this is only an option, but it’s my observation that this is the ethos many live in.

Perhaps anything inconvenient to my own false sense of deity is offensive and in the end, it’s all optional?

Interesting that hell is optional (to believe in) or even non-existent -but for many who don’t believe Jesus even mentioned it (errr… you missed some study in the four Gospels) heaven is a given. “EVERYBODY is going there!” Hmmm?!

God is forever INclusive but never EXclusive.

Hmmm again.

Of course I’m an old hippie Jesus freak who is “likely a fundy”, (not) traditionalist” (rarely) and “legalist” (you truly don’t know me, my theology nor even my political positions if you think that). Yeah, and he (me) is writing all this when in fact he’s laying out his rationale (dry old modernist philosophy… yawn) as an apologetic for HIS OPTION on life! Yeah… that’s it. And don’t label ME!”

Heh… but you dear reader wouldn’t be labeling me now would you:)?

See how easy it is to judge and actually -generate- options to a person, persons, a position?

O.k., so is your and my impending DEATH an option?

No, not trying to scare you into faith, trying to simply state a fact that’s nearly impossible to contradict though we’re all rather contradictory as humans with massive options at our disposal.

I think it may be important to consider non-options in life as human beings.

After that, consider how you’re going to surf in the process of certain non-options over which we really have no control. All of us do and shall experience a number of ’em.

Then perhaps you would be willing to have serious discussion about “right”, “wrong” and peace in a world of conflict and indeed, conflicting options.

Consider this blog post is another option to ruminate on -and truly, thanks for stopping by 🙂


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