Live Video Clip of GK Solo- “Leavin’ Blues”

April 14, 2015
Well… new in terms of recording for a release, but here is a Leadbelly song I have been doing live on cigarbox guitars for a couple years now and just recorded for a new solo blues project. But later on that, it will take time to get that totally finished.

Anyhow, did a few songs along with other Grrr Records artists the other night here at Everybody’s Coffee on Wilson Ave. in Chicago for longtime friend John Thompson’s new book release.

Actually did not notice they were filming it, so a surprise for me -sound just taken off the camera but you get the basic idea.

Using the amazing Shane Speal 3 string cigarbox git straight into my Zeppelin Design Labs “Percolator” amp, an empty ( 🙂 ) Nivea deodorant bottle courtesy of Lufthansa Airlines.

The clip is in Facebook:

Hope to see some of you in Beloit this coming Saturday night. Info on that in the “Shows” section at GrrrRecords.Com as per usual.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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