Weird thing happened to me this morning.

It was my weekly metal shop day, a day I volunteer at our shop, proceeds helping pay the rent for our work in inner-city Chicago.

I don’t have a clue, cannot recall using, hearing or reading this word in the recent past, nor does it ever pop up in conversation among my friends.

But this a.m. after about 4 hours of sleep (maybe that’s it?) within seconds after waking the term “kvetch” leaped up in my mind. Kvetch. Whaaa??

As I dressed, brought my wife’s breakfast, ate mine, it kept floating in my mind.

So… what? “Please pass the kvetchup”?

I need to log into FaceBook and kvetch up with friends?

“This is likely Yiddish for what?” I wondered.

You likely knew but I didn’t.

Speaking of the web and social media I’d say we’re a nation (U.S.) and perhaps world camped out in kvetching.

It means “whine, complain, a chronic complainer”. Yo!

Oy Vey!
Oy Vey!

This is nearly a national pastime and certainly regarding political trolls.

Still, the more I thought about this word the more I reflected on the Word of God, particularly the Book of Psalms.

Many Psalms of lament (largest category in Scripture) might best referred to as “complaints”. Enemies, people lying about people, deception, sickness, fears, anger, crying out to God, stating one’s case, sometimes even whining to God about one’s horrid lot in life in the time of that lyric being written. These are prayer-songs of complaint, as of course the Psalms are all song lyrics.

I conclude “there is a time for every purpose under heaven”, indeed a time to kvetch and a time to cease from kvetching!

I whine sometimes. I get tired, feel sorry for myself, wish I didn’t have to do X, Y or Z. After a long day if the 2nd floor garbage can is full I sometime kvetch, on occasion with my poor wife, at other times just between myself and God.

Sure, there is both bad and good kvetching.

Facebook recently put in place a couple of options beyond (or less drastic than) unfriending people. You can now stop following a person so as to not get automatic kvetching… or simply click on the option to no longer get feeds of a particular SORT of message. Nice. Reahttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inboxl nice, because whining and moaning does at times get old.

There is a time to share grief, needs, about injustice and such. There is also a time to treat your face-to-face friends and even web-based peeps with something OTHER than complaints.

If you’ve read my blogs for any length of time you likely know one of my weary-in-well-doing areas is taking out very full garbage cans. Sometimes chat threads online feel very much… heck, ARE very much like a massively overflowing dumpster that I just get sick of. A lot of folks have said much the same.

But again, there IS a time to complain, to moan, to call attention to injustice, need, to wail a bit friend to friend, in a group and sure, even online.

Pick and choose wisely or you may lose more friends than you gain.

None of us need to be continually singing “Born To KVETCH!” (think “Born to Be Wild” with new/stale lyrics).

Everyone wants sympathy but sometimes we just sound/look like we’ŗe compulsive whiners demanding the world dance to our song… that occasional “dirge that goes on and on and on…” because sometimes we aren’ț catching our own depth of kvetching.

Something to consider 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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