ALL of us…

“Is it I?” each one asked. Peter motioned to John who sat next to Jesus, wanting him to ask the Lord who it was in that He had just told them one of them would betray Him.

Fact is, we have all betrayed Him.

Every time we do act without love, choose to live outside of what brings Him joy, refuse to work for peace, are impatient, unkind, not living in His grace by acting out goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and by losing self-control.

These attributes are His nature, often nothing like our own.

“Guilt-tripping” you am I? HA! Really?!

You must truly live a lie, be unwilling to recognize your own need of repentance or have re-written the truth of God’s OWN view of what sin, what “missing the mark” in fact, truly is!

Righteousness in the absolute sense is HIM. It is His character, His nature, His thinking, speaking, acting.

“None is righteous, not even one.” Not. Even. One.

Jesus paid. Oh yes, paid dearly to demonstrate the love, mercy and compassion we each so often lack in our pursuit of pleasure, self-righteousness (we have none apart from Him) and even in a sense, the idol of self-contentment. The cross is a scandal, a pain beyond all pains, it is a rejection, turmoil of the sort where seconds seem like hours which seem an agonizing eternity.

“Father, forgive them, they do not know what they’ŗe doing!”

Yet there is a sense in which we all know full well what we are doing and nobody has to “guilt trip” us… for if we have mirrors, any shred of conscience or integrity we KNOW we have sinned and fallen short.

We KNOW we do not always act in love, not toward God, others not even toward ourselves.

We have all betrayed Him.

Forgiveness, pardon, the depth of compassion of the true God is beyond our ability to comprehend. But it is insanity to live outside of Him and these. Been there, done that.

Good Friday brings us to Easter because without the one the other cannot come.

Something very like “repent and believe the Good News”. “And”. Both-and.

It was not only Judas who played the game, it was and at times, still is- you and I dear reader.

God help us to lose ourselves, to lose our lives for HIS sake and the sake of His Good News… for only there do any of us find life.

“For Christ -is- our life”.

Father, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. May Your mercy triumph over judgment, for we have all betrayed you.

“For God SO LOVED the world…”

Thank God: for the goodness of Good Friday is Jesus Christ.


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