Chicago Spring Snow, Amps, Recording, Linux, Etc.

It is truly SPRING in Chicago! Well… a few flakes from the sky last night but hey… 🙂

Chicago March 23 Snow
Chicago March 23 Snow

So I fully enjoyed the a.m. service at Wilson Abbey yesterday.

Along with my new amp 🙂

Percolator Head
Percolator Head

My schedule loomed large to the extent I realized I just could not devote the needed time nor space to assemble my new Percolator Amp from Zeppelin Design Labs- but bless em, they GAVE me one and she cranked this morning as well as on a recording I did last week. YES. And BIG Thanks to Brach and Glen, you guys rock and help me do the same 🙂

Percolator Head, Cab, Epi Shereton, GKs Strat
Percolator Head, Cab, Epi Shereton, GKs Strat

Yes, recording a song, sometimes 2, each week for a solo blues project, all cigarbox/found object guitars, bit of harmonica, etc.. Little by little.

Using all sorts of homebrew gits on this project.

Typing this on the latest version of Austrumi Linux, a free computer operating system done by some cool techie peeps in Latvia. Yep. Have used several versions over the years, but I think this is the best, amazing speed on old hardware such as the pc I am using at my desk. And in fact, the entire system fits and works from a usb stick, loads into ram and just cooks. Nice, kudos to my Latvian friends for a COOL Linux distro!

Etc.- well, I both myself (solo) and GKB are finalizing a number of shows here and in Europe for this year.

And as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I am super excited to finally, Lord wiling, get out to the Chicago streets, subway, etc., and busk with cigarbox gits, harps and bring some blues-n-truth to the street. A bit cold in Chicago right now but in a couple more weeks it will be time… yahoo!

Other things going on, all good… but later.

Now if my fave team (Chicago Fire) would begin putting the ball in the net and win some… !

Thanks for stopping by, -Glenn


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