End of February 2015 Update

Wow, where to start!


Wendi is walking every so often with NO cane or walker after having both hips replaced last year. AMAZing grace!!

Working out daily, groovin’ on low-carb diet strong again, doing the Dr. visits after some years, so far so good 🙂

Enjoying my family, back at metal shop one day each week, recording a project for release one day each week, more webwork happening, writing and new project work, responding to tour requests, blogging, about to build a special rig for busking with cigarbox/found-object guitars, etc., very much looking forward to that when warm weather comes! I’ve some rather unique design features for street and even typical solo concerts.

As usual studying a wide variety of things in various areas of interest. Typing this via a new live AntiX Linux distribution. Built a few quick diddley-bows (1 string slide guitars) out of junk… all sound cool and have inspired fresh songs.


I’m slowly back to recording tunes for a solo cigarbox/found-object solo blues project. Little by little my friend Joe Filisko will blow harp on some of the tunes, I’ll add a bit of harp, maybe some percussion on a few. A lot more songs to record prior to choosing for the project. Release dates and info will be posted when the time comes. A lot to still record and make decisions about. Finished a Leadbelly cover/re-write for that today.

I’ve a list of tour requests, praying, thinking, will publicize when finalized as usual.

Been invited to help produce another bro’s project and will start on that very soon.


GKB is soon to woodshed on new songs, likely to release a few new tunes prior to our German/Swiss/Czech tour in early June. Roy’s written a ton of ’em, I’ve several, we’ll just select a handful for starters, then pare ’em down and record, play them some live prior to that tour. The concept is when we have a full project we’ll release it as such, publicizing it when that happens, same re. tour dates.


Folks have asked about a Christmas cd… perhaps we’ll get to that,  but all these others come ahead of that.

I’ve written a number of worship songs as have others here at JPUSA, so we -may- see a compilation project come together in the next year or so.

I’ve mentioned an arts blog dealing with several different art forms, teaching notes, links to a number of too-little-known folks who do amazing work, teaching and mission via arts that I want to promote. There seems to be no single repository of such on the web but there will be soon as I can get things in order and be certain the links are all good. Will pub that when ready for action too!

All-in-all a GREAT deal of grace in my life, and certainly easier due to my sweet Wendi’s health. She is SUCH a GIFT to me.

May you find and know the Love Eternal… Easter is coming!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

5 thoughts on “End of February 2015 Update

  1. Goodness you have a lot on your plate – glad to hear Wendy is doing better and that you are taking care of yourself. My last physical was not so good. Perhaps I should follow your lead.

    I am also looking forward to your new project. The CBG thing trips my trigger. Warmer weather means I can get back to building them.

    Question for ya – what’s the trick to harmonica accompaniment? I have had 2 very good blues players try and they were just not able to fit in. My CBGs are all 3-string slide only tuned G-D-G

    1. Hi Jim, thanks.

      Ha, well, I didn’t dare get deeper into the list, so very much on my list re. jail and prison shows, further study on addiction/recovery and on it goes.

      Yes, SUCH grace for Wendi and I! Well, I figure if I’m going to put more miles on the ol’ body I gotta take ‘er in for service now and then 🙂

      Thanks, yes, the joy in creative builds (well… for myself -for others it’s a freak-out cuz the effort to get them done really well takes a LOT of time I just don’t have now) but for me I use whatever I have and don’t care so much how they look so those build very quickly.

      There are options re. harp playing- but Joe’s deal is he specifically love to play under and around, and not so much blast, so it’s easier. I also think how you arrange the phrasing of vocals as well as guitar parts leaving spaces for a harp to move in is a big part of it. Both yourself and the other person have to think, communicate and listen, as well as of course arranging the songs so that it can then work. Hope this helps.

      Yours, -Glenn

      1. On- one more point: if the song is pitched (with guitar) in say, E, it calls for an A harp which the player largely draws in (called “cross harp” playing) so it’s not E guitar, E harp, or G and G (G would be a C harp) or A and A (A git calls for a D harp) and so on.


  2. Definitely went with the relative keys, in this case “C” harp. I think you nailed it more of play together and figure it out kinda thing and I am not sure either of them was using a cross-harp. Coupled with the fact I am not very good at it, but have fun with it doesn’t factor as ideal 🙂

    Thank you for your replies.

    1. Cool. Sorry, I didn’t explain “cross harp” is a technique, not a different harmonica as such. That particular technique is about drawing IN on the harp (for ex.- G guitar, C harp) to match the pitch the song is being played in on guitar, keyboard and such. Thx. -Glenn

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