New Amp Coming

As in “amplifier”.20141220_113610

My musician/techie tone-meister friends at Zeppelin Design Labs here in Chicago have brewed up The Percolater.

This little baby is the coolest 2-3 watt boutique amp ever. I’ve played both guitar and harmonica (via diff. mics) through it at low and cranked volume and one of these will be in my arsenal of music tools for live shows and recording work soon as I can get it going.

HOW shall I “get it going”?

It’s a tube amp kit and they’ve asked several peeps to consult with them. I am going to build one this winter and log the experience for them (and yep, myself I admit).

After playing through the prototype a couple times I couldn’t be more impressed. So I’ll let you know more as progress happens. My schedule is getting a bit full so I must keep focus.

If you know me you know I LOVE coffee… and sweet little crankin’ amps for blues and blues/rock. Looking forward.20141220_113558

Thanks for stopping by:) -Glenn

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