A Year Considering Addiction…

So if you read my last blog here (on building a little slide guitar) you know I on rare occasion joke about being “addicted”- to God, coffee, simple slide guitar making, hot sauce, etc.. But I don’t joke about it often. Because I lived it in my pre-faith days. In a word, for me it was Agony and the closest thing to hell I’ve ever experienced.

Yesterday a Finnish friend wrote a Facebook post about his past alcoholism and freedom he found, sobriety over many years as the result of faith and surrender to Jesus. He made the statement that nobody ever had to apologize for not wrecking their marriage, family, not crashing cars, etc., due to -not- drinking. Clean and sober is a gift I deeply appreciate.

In the past couple of years I’ve talked with folks near and far about the essential services of recovery work re. the sad, sick and sometimes fatal addiction issues we see in ministry. I have recognized it in jail and prison visits, in our local shelter work, on and on it goes.

Just the day before the FB post I mentioned here, I saw a front-page article in a local paper (that I normally think is only worth reading about 4 times per year).

For whatever motives are at core (often, making a buck on “journalism” I’d posit) one of our local Chicago (Tribune-owned/published) free papers is doing 52 articles on various addiction issues all through 2015. Interesting, and needs to be considered in our culture. Here’s the link:


Note, neither you nor I are likely to fully agree with each point raised or emailed in by readers, but it will be interesting to all who love and care about ourselves, loved ones and the many “costs”. I’ve been talking and writing about addiction for years as it’s such a funnel-down core issue for so many people world-wide. My email runneth over. Run a search in my blog and you’ll find plenty, also in a podcast or two.

The Bible term for “addiction” might arguably be “idolatry”, the fruit of the Spirit most needed to combat such- “self control” (see Galatians 5.23 in context) but in any case I think the majority of our nation would benefit but facing up to it.

Thanks for stopping by. Yours, -Glenn

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