Crazy/Creative, Therapy?

20150106_212041(1)20150106_21215520150106_212019-1So by now if you’ve followed my blogs, etc., you know I’m an addict. I’m addicted to the Son of God,  my wife, kids, grandkids, extended family, church, blues music, football (soccer to you if you’re in the U.S.) and people in general.

But I derive great joy in presenting an object lesson -it’s not what you got but what ya DO with it that’s important and even fun.

So what can a musician (or wanna be muso) do with not much?

As you can see, it’s really not about impressing folks or spending big money or somehow competing with others.

It’s about imagination, an open mind and the opportunities that sometimes present themselves.

The photos you see here are what happens when I go on a Project 12 Discipleship week at places like Hebron (amazing rehab friends in Bloomington, Indiana whose camp we are blessed to share with them once or twice each year). One of my classes is actually a series on creativity and imagination, including art and art-making.

As I came back to the cabin from a visit to their lake one afternoon during free time I noticed a basic fishing rod (sans reel) in the garbage can.

My mind said “diddley bow neck?” and sure enough, it came home with me and you now see the result.

A few nights ago I wanted (maybe needed? dunno…) a very quick, fun project while waiting for the laundry in the dryers.

As I have several very cool cigar boxes, an extra acoustic, wound guitar string someone discarded  (perhaps an A string as that’s what it’s now tuned to, sounds amazing) along with an eyebolt, wingnut and extra oversized nut to raise it up in the slot the reel used to sit in… well, I just had to 🙂

One Christmas gift was a box with cheese, sausage and hot mustard. That little mustard jar makes a cool glass slide.

And I had a short piece of dowel left over from making blunted arrows for my archer grandsons… so that serves as a string beater or I can use a (green- matches the rod/neck!) plastic pic I made of a diet powdered soft drink container.

I think the git shall be called DiddleyFish. One-string diddley bows made of found object stuff suit me fine. Put a small hunk of wood I had in place for a bridge and the line guide on the rod is high enough I didn’t need to worry about a nut.

Honestly, tonally, this thing sounds so good!! I may get around to recording something just low-fi and hopefully you’ll hear it sometime. And it took me about 30 minutes to construct with these parts.

Sooo- crazy or not, art/music therapy is a great thing!

Eyes to see, ears to hear… you not only find eternal life in Jesus, you make fun stuff out of nothin’. Of course God did/does that all the time.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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