Profit… Prophets… Words

Chicago finally has its first real and authentic snow of the season! Sweet.1stSnow2015

“Real and authentic”, very important terms as you’ll understand as you read on here.
Am I alone in noticing that at the beginning of every calendar year- as in political election season re. presidents and prime ministers- that the prophets come out?

I don’t suppose it’s only me who notices.

Paul the apostle writes an important line: “do not despise prophesying”.

Literally “speaking God’s message” is what that particular gift (unction) of the Holy Spirit is all about.

Paul also wrote “Let the prophets speak by two or at the most by three and let the others judge [discern]”.

Remember Jesus, asking the religious leaders in essence “Is it easier to tell a person their sins are forgiven or to bring a miracle of healing?” after which He proved His words by something far greater than words.

It’s SO easy to sin with words. I do so and ask forgiveness about it all the time.

So what of these “words” in my Facebook and email inbox, etc.?
Which of these prophets are truly of God and beyond that, which prophecies are truly God speaking as opposed to mere people-speak?

This is again, where one must ask what one’s attitude and study, working knowledge of the Bible, of the whole of God’s Word really is.

How else does one discern properly?


Mystical faith-intuition?

Physical endorphin rushes as one hears or reads a prophetic utterance?

Again, we must not despise, look down on, plug our ears to “words”.

Jesus indeed said “You will not see Me until you say ‘Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord'”, but not all who come in Jesus name follow Jesus or His Word.

Then again, even the backslidden, demonized king Saul “prophesied”… so sometimes God apparently chooses and uses human and literal donkeys. Maybe even you and I? 🙂

In the end, it will be the Word of God made flesh Who judges according to His THE Word.

Take care but do not live in fear- your heavenly Father knows your needs before you ask Him.

Trust Him, His Word and walk toward Him in this calendar year and watch what HE does. Even in struggle and pain you do not have to walk alone!

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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