Christmas/YearEnd/New Year Update December, 2014

20141205_181741Advent is a time of waiting, of watching, of preparation and expectation for the birth of Jesus, the fulfillment of prophecy and the grace of God appearing in flesh. Christmas, in a Word,is Christ.

Yes- I believe and am deeply thankful for the love, grace, mercy and call of Jesus Christ in my life.

When I say “Merry Christmas”, I’m serious :)!!! God showing up in my life and our world is THE BEST!

What a year!

There have been laments, but indeed, a great deal of joy as well.

Wendi and I and our church community lost its key leader, my Mom-in-law Dawn at the end of March. Yet our kids and grandkids continue to grow and are such a joy to us- and my sweet wife and I celebrated our anniversary June 1, loving God and one another since 1971 (married in ’72)!

Wendi had the first of two total hip replacement operations toward the end of May, the second on November 10. Rehab was quite painful for her the first time, not so crazy the second. Struggles… but grace too.

I continued my on-the-job training as her main caregiver and general house-husband 🙂

She has only recently been able to walk, sometimes for short steps without a cane or walker. You can imagine the joy, the lack of extreme pain and the ability for her to simply move about is just SUCH a gift to us! It has been about three years since she could do so.

Major thanks to all who have prayed for us both in this long journey.

Like most reading, we had the zillion little errands, weekly stuff like web work, mail, laundry and all the normal stuff most folks attend to.

Laced throughout the year I did quite a few solo and shorter tour dates including some GKB shows, speaking, church services, worship sets, etc..

I was blessed doing a number of jail and prison shows/services and also some benefits.

I began taking a few hours each week (when possible) to record for an upcoming blues project. In fact I’ve likely written more songs in 2014 than in the previous five to ten years.

We’ve seen great growth and the very encouraging “stepping up” of younger leadership in JPUSA, the same re. worship teams, special events, outreaches near and far. So grateful for this!

There was the exciting launch of Wilson Abbey and its vast array of coffee shop, concert, theatre and other spaces, plenty of new as well as old friends coming by for art, poetry, music, dance and other activities there.

Our Cornerstone Community Outreach shelter and all its programs have made great impact. Just seeing the number of folks moving from CCO into their very own apartments in itself made this year a major gift to me and all in our fellowship. So much to be thankful for!

A number of close friends passed, some currently battle cancer or other ills.

We’ve continued to welcome younger peeps into our community/church, some for short stays, others for extended time periods, many in need of help, spiritual growth and encouragement.

Our intern programs blossomed over the summer and a some have stayed longer in order to serve with us.

I expect 2015 to be another year full of grace, challenge and spiritual growth.

My hope is that it is in genuine relationship with the Risen Jesus you will approach the New Year and realize His love in 2015 and always!

Cyberhugs -and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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