Ferguson, NYC -And

If you want hard right or hard left knee-jerk comments re. policing, minority or majority absolutes (right-wrong, period.) stop reading now.

If you pray for and care about human beings of color and police who are at times minorities as well, think there are certainly drunk/high/demonized thugs of any color or simply mistaken, over-the-top young people as well as freaked-out, sometimes crooked, angry bullies on various police forces who sometimes make snap-judgments that are wonderful and at times horrid and criminal, I’m your guy.

Nobody is without sin. And yes, plenty are racist. There ARE criminals in the street. Lots of us are just stupid. Not all of us carry weapons -nor use them on humans if carrying.

Badge or no badge re. Ferguson- eleven shots? ELEVEN??

Is there no other way to stop someone from resisting arrest in NYC than the take-down method used?

I have a good many friends on both sides of these issues who I’m sure to anger and freak as to my stance, but so be it.

It isn’t “a liberal agenda” anymore than a “white fascist” wave I’m talking about. It’s about honest prayer, talk, clear communication, willingness to deal with and help bridge gaps regarding obvious inequities in minority communities that the majority truly have the ability to help ease. Or not.

If I were God (and He sure enough knows I’m not and aren’t you and I BOTH glad!!) I’d have everyone wake up with dark skin in an urban ghetto and live with themselves and society for about 4 days or perhaps a week. I think white perspectives would change overnight.

So agree or disagree, this is where I stand. Or lay down in the street. Or write songs. Or reach out in other ways, both to minority people, police (whom I chat with and pray for with good will plenty and have for years).
Micah 6.8


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