Thanksgiving Thoughts (U.S.) 2014

You may have experienced years with more gentleness, kindness, provision, health, “apparent” grace (or so it might seem). But for whom and what can you be truly thankful? IS there anything to be thankful for?

Here is a short list that pertains to me. Might you recognize some of these in your own life?

1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Nothing good comes to me without His hand of love and compassion. Does all “feel” like good? No. We live in a a fallen world.

2. My incredible wife Wendi. No words to adequately express the continual gift, inspiration and encouragement toward God, love and kindness, strength and perseverence in my life that she brings to me, that she -is- to me.

3. My friends, many very near and many spread out over the world. Just amazing gifts to me. Their prayers, kindness… whew.

4. My health- God for His grace as sickness and physical issues are certainly part of this life and aging, etc.. Lots of grace as no matter the issues, they could be -far- worse, far more multi-layered and pain-filled. My continuing abilities to hear, see, taste, smell, feel.

5. My flawed but actual ability to hear/sense/respond rightly to what God says in His Word, via prayer and in my heart as well as via others speaking into my life. Grace from the Holy Spirit in all this!


How about you? And THANKS for stopping by! -Glenn


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