Pre-Thanksgiving Gig and Thoughts

So my friend and harmonica master Joe Filikso invited me to join him for a set at a Joliet fellowship serving the poor, homeless and otherwise folks in need of a hot meal and encouragement.

It’s blues/worship time!

I always (unlike the bird) look forward to Thanksgiving and especially around these holidays know there are those who volunteer to help serve the poor, a paying back or paying forward in the best sense. Great stuff!

Last night it hit 9 degrees in Chicago, wind chill making it worse.

As you and I enjoy a warm bed, soft blankets and likely, tangible love- there are plenty who live in deep and pure survival mode. In the bitter cold it only gets more difficult.

I bring a bit of music and point up, some of you might bring the same. Some reading this might make time to help cook and/or serve a meal, donate blankets, warm clothes or other items to a shelter, soup kitchen or church or ministry providing such in your area.

Go for it, please!

Too many are so focused on themselves and a dinner. Love God, love neighbor is the call to all of us.

May you and I give Thanks… and more.

And thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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