Chicago CBG Fest Report

This past weekend’s 3rd Annual Chicago CigarBox Guitar Festival was in a word, sweet!20141108_193810

I couldn’t make it due to previous booking the first year, last year ended up with a double ear infection and did what I’ve only done a few times in my life, cancelled out. Finally made it this year and it was just sweet.

Met up with several old friends in the CBG movement, made a number of new ones and finally got to hear/see Rev. K.M. Williams, Johnny Lowbowe and others. Fun and crazy all in all.

Packed rooms (2 of ’em) and the showcase room along with some very talented vendors were putting on a display for sure!

Roots Riot (Tony, Brian and crew) did a great job and Brauerhouse in Lombard rocked it well. Sound was great, atmosphere friendly all night long. I did not get out there on Friday night but I heard good things about that as well.

Thanks to all the kind peeps who said nice things to me after my set.

And again, loved finally meeting K.M., had a great chat and dug his sets a lot. Real deal!

Been invited back next year and Lord willing I’ll be there too.

Here are some pics- sorry for the low lighting and green vibe but it is what it is on my phone 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

3 thoughts on “Chicago CBG Fest Report

  1. Looked like a great time Glenn, I look forward to attending a festival somewhere – there are a few of us getting around the open mics out here in Houston with CBGs. I’d really love to experience you getting after it – I watch every video I find close to hopefully pic up how to play this thang 🙂

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