A Matter of Taste

GKcoffeeNot saying there are no issues regarding morals, ethics or sin. Not EVEN… and yet in some areas and at times:

Music, photos, art of all kinds has its styles, shades, variations. Much like foods and seasoning, not all share the exact same tastes.

Over long years, experience, travel, studies, I’ve come to a conclusion that sometimes -not always, people are not arguing from a portion of truth, sometimes not deep conviction nor even technical good-better-best or horrid but rather taste.

My first go-round with coffee was via a friend who had a large early morning newspaper delivery route.

I’ve never been great at early rising but the first morning I realized my school buddy (who also played drums in a band with me later on) was a coffee drinker.

His Mom had an electric percolator and when I went to his house at 4 a.m. he had it on with two cups sitting on the counter.

I don’t remember how he took his morning “joe” but I sure enough recall beginning with 3 sugars and 2 creams! Something like a week later I was down to nearly black.

Now I tend to drink coffee several ways but normally just hot and black and thick!

Then again, I often make iced coffee and put a couple zero-calorie sweeteners, sometimes 3 of ’em in it. In fact I drink iced coffee a fair bit.

Every so often I do iced coffee with heavy cream or a bit of whipped cream.

But I normally drink it black. hot and thick.

My Mom got to the point she really liked a particular brand of instant coffee. I drank that too for a year or two, but frankly cannot stand the stuff now!

Other than that, I’m not a coffee snob. Both Wendi and I have been known to love flavored coffees such as vanilla, hazelnut and so forth

Christmas is coming and there are some blends of pumpkin spice, even eggnog and chocolate-based coffee we drink on occasion.

I’m likely right to think some of you reading this are smiling, others have frowned or made a negative face while reading- due to our varied tastes.

Some folks are serious tea drinkers and in fact I love good tea, especially in autumn and winter. But I regularly drink about 8 or 10 cups of coffee per day and have for years.

Further, there have been a good many times where for any number of reasons I drank no coffee or tea for two or three days and really didn’t feel any effects nor even miss it really. Addiction? Nope. So go figure!

Full disclosure- there are times over the years I showed up at work, was excited to get to my desk and get productive and noticed nobody made the coffee. So I’d make some for us all. On occasion I just added a bit of water to yesterday’s leftover coffee and microwaved it. In fact I did this just two days ago. “GROSS” and “ugh” some would say! I get that.

But hey, this is just me.

Some folks truly dislike, even hate coffee and don’t understand how anyone would bother drinking it.

Take these thoughts as analogous to art forms and methodologies of living and you begin to recognize a few things.

There ARE moral issues, ethical issues and what the Bible calls sin is exactly that. You can think or choose what you like over what you dislike and still there are in many cases, technical facts involved.

On the other hand, there are times people will marry or nearly kill over personal taste.

Sometimes it’s just a waste of good coffee.

Tonight I realized as I was typing this blog that there was still about a quarter of a cup of cold coffee sitting near my little Linux netbook. Nice! Well, to me it sure is. But I’m not insulted in the least if you don’t agree.

Things to consider. And thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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