20141104_152111Just got back from casting my vote on several elections as well as referendums in my state (Illinois).

Like the pic, you might think I’m sideways as I’m an independent voter and have been for years.

Are there reasons to be apolitical, that is, fully dis-engage with the political process? I won’t argue them in this blog but I do think I understand ethical reasons to say yes… but not for long.

Is there any sense to the idea of throwing one’s hands up in disgust at any nation’s political process to the extent one just doesn’t vote when allowed to do so? I believe there are times to abstain, sure.

So why did I vote today?

Because in a truly democratic country you have both the right and responsibility to give a rip about yourself, your family, your friends, your enemies and others. Because caring for the poor is part of God’s character and should be part of ours. Because too many of you gripe, complain and do nothing to move the ball down the pitch. Because people died (whether you or I agreed with the given war) for our ability to actually elect leaders every four (or whenever local elections, etc., are held) years. Because even if you are an anarchist it is possible even that option will be taken from you by will, law, society and force.

Religion and politics… and do they both unite and widely separate us as a people? Of course. Nothing new about that. So… vote your conscience and win or lose- at least you were active in the process, skewed as it may be in any particular election.

The option is to enjoy the results either way, and know you had nothing to do with any.

Thanks for considering and stopping by! -Glenn


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