GK Solo Blues, Chicago Suburb

10552648-847108145314499-5161819202799016022-nSat. Nov. 8, 2014
Lombard, IL
Chicago Cigarbox Guitar Festival
GK Set appx. 5pm Saturday, Nov. 8
The fest runs Fri. and Sat. Nov. 7 and 8
Missed the first two, finally home to play the 3rd:)
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Whut CAN Ya Do…


With whut ya got?!

So today’s Creativity and Imagination class at Project 12 Gathering included some scripture, several amazing quotes on art and creativity and then came as always the exercise.

I do love it when people engage in the process and risk creativity. As I teach, it can feel quite like a tightrope walk without a net!

Here is one student’s amazing offering which she did totally with the paper I gave and natural elements from outdoors, coffee and a little glue. I’d also included scissors, colored markers, pens, pencils, crayons and a couple glue sticks.

The exercise was to simply offer an image whether drawn, photographed on a phone or other device, using what I offered or what might be found and offer a very sort bit of writing, a couple sentances or a few paragraphs at most that linked story to the image created.

They all did an amazing job (always do in these classes) but she used only the glue to add berries, a few leaves and the rest was mud, red, yellow and green leaves with water to add color to the paper.

Her linked narrative was God’s artifacts juxtaposed against human artifacts and the light He brings by revealing Himself via the things (nature) He has made.

Brilliant stuff!

Tomorrow will be more of a test for most of them, but I can’t wait to see how they stretch and amaze themselves and me also 🙂

Oh, here is also 1/4 of my 4 part feeble attempt, interestingly enough, all about moon shedding light into darkness (kudos to Dark Side of the Moon along with the fact last night I woke at 3:30 a.m. with a nearly full moon shining right between our slightly cracked curtains in our cabin. Of course like us, the moon has no light of it’s own. It can only reflect the sun.20141006_165703

Yes. Let it be so with us!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

Friends Considering…

No, not considering friends as such (though we’re doing that too) but rather friends thinking through… well, God, The Bible, one another’s stories, the modern world and our navigating it. Open discussion, creativity. That’s what Project 12’s “The Gathering” is about each year.

Just realized this is our eighth anniversary, what a journey and truly lasting fruitfulness over these years as we enter into “iron-sharpening-iron” as all chime in to discuss about any and every topic imaginable.

Which leads me to one of my personal joys, that is, teaching and walking us through imagination and creativity classes. We look at quotes, talk ethics and about caring for ourselves and others as well as reflecting the Lord in our work as creative people.

What is it to love others via our artistic offerings? How can we honor one another and give as opposed to only taking, looking for whatever “payoff” comes from art we create and gift, sell or pass on to others?

Huge issues- and in my view, as tribalism and creativity are massive in the present culture (as in other time periods) these matters are truly important rather than merely peripheral.

So I’m enjoying the depth of thought the time to move in deeper waters together.

So there’s my stream of consciousness blurb at the moment among our friends at Hebron Center in the woods of southern Indiana 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


This a.m. I did a fair bit of Bible study and web reads on several doctrines and bits of books, etc., largely on universal salvation, more correctly stated “universal reconciliation”.

If we wish to do away with most all Christian concepts of sin, repentance, judgment, hell, violent acts and war, we must now live without, away from and outside The Bible and the God both Testaments depict.

All of my years of life experience, study of history, in and outside “the church”, even in and outside of religious belief entirely convince me the problem is neither God nor The Bible. The problem is

I think isogesis and not exegesis is part -but only part of the issue.

We would love to believe and live as though our problem is others, their interpretation or ignorance. Our “problem” is with us.

Us vs. God.

One simply cannot wish away the verifiable harsh and violent stories in the “secular” -or- religious world. The same goes for either Testament. ALL allegories? All symbolic, parabolic? Really?

I fully get how evil or merely selfish people, governments, etc., have misused this or that verse to proclaim facism and misery. Got it.

So… re-interpret to somehow solve our displeasure?

We want a kinder, gentler, cosier God who in both character and certainly activity does as we think He ought.

Our box is laced with holes, contradictions and a deep-seated sense of our own (fully false) diety.

We want our own desired:

life on earth

experience in the hereafter

sense of personal justice

safety, security

and freedom

validated, maintained and in our own total control

We never had nor shall have any of these (in terms of absolute control) but we are sometimes thoroughly alarmed, brutally enraged, willing to totally hide in a hole, or wage all-out war, kill and destroy for them.

Life pretending to be God is a life of sheer, and in the end, shocking pretense.

It is neither safe nor relational as far as personal relationship with Jesus Christ can be. It comes down to love or self. Love OR self.

About Jesus, C.S. Lewis wisely wrote, Aslan “is not safe, but He is good.”

Is it not yet clear to us that our definition of both “safe” as well as “good” is often quite different, even in opposition to both His definition -as well as in opposition to Him?

As I once again considered the God of The Book, other books, various doctrines and the nature of God and humans today, these thoughts kept popping up.

If we will love, reverence, respect, walk with this God Who “is a consuming fire” we will one way or the other, be consumed. And no, I am not referring to annihilationism.

Biblical love and truth, certainly in part -require an integrity that “suffers long”.

In our desire for meaning and life, the culture eventually invents a god unlike the one and only God Who cannot be invented.

Love, God’s love, comes with a cross. Easter comes later 🙂

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