Treat Or Trick?

CandySo here comes another year of candy, “all saints” and party time for people, especially younger ones. Is alot of it pagan? Of course. So is a ton of what passes for spiritual/”Christian”. Nothing new, this is history repeated.

In a world too quick to forget how many people we all owe thanks to/for, a world of all-too- easily disposable everything (including relationships) we have… cigar box guitars among other things.

Today I was invited to do a bit of music and chat, answer questions with a group of younger peeps from Norway. These are always interesting to me- and I love Norway as I’ve toured there a number of times through most of the country.

In the process I brought a one-string (diddley bow) with a pickup in it (the “body” being an Altoids tin), my Shane Speal 3 string cigarbox git along with my Taylor acoustic.

Most of this group are students in a music school, and as usual, they not only relate to blues but I always love seeing their faces as I pull out these little el-cheapo slide guitars. Playing them acoustically or via one of my (in this case Pignose) little amps, they do cook chili 🙂

So I always make the point “it’s not what you got but what you do with it”.

What do we do with holidays, parties, events we share with others? What -could- we do, how -might- we make these times and relationships giving, beneficial, encouraging as opposed to merely “tolerable” or even a drama, pain or added salt-in-the-eye to what for many is an already stressful life?

The time was well-spent I think, and I enjoyed their questions, attentiveness and awareness.

How can we create more “treat” and less “trick”?

Let’s see… who was it that I read saying “I have come to give you life, life more abundantly”?

I want to participate in that, be part of the conduit for it happening.

“The thief comes not except to rob, kill and destroy”. I used to work for that guy. No more.

Enjoy your weekend!

And thanks for stopping by 🙂

3 thoughts on “Treat Or Trick?

  1. Glenn, in my bible study next week I would like to do a devotion based on your song “Useless Man”. I am unable to find lyrics online and I am having difficulty making out the lyrics right after “Well my life used to be”, can you help me out with this? The reason I chose this song is because it really speaks to me and this is something I pray for daily. It is so easy to sit back and focus on me and not on others. I truly do not want to be a useless man. I pray that God would use me and I would be open and bold to do what it is he wills for me.
    With Him,

    1. I think you need this part (the “bridge” section lyrics)

      My life used to be
      Goin’ down the drain
      I had no life at all
      But I been rearranged
      Been rearranged
      Yeah, yeah yeah

      I hope this helps! -Glenn

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