Along The Journey

As I was searching through the web for something entirely different today, I came across the news report (on a rock music news website) that Jack Bruce, legendary bass player/vocalist for the 60’s supergroup Cream had died of liver failure. I lost count of the Cream songs I both sang and played in several bands in the Milwaukee area but to say Jack, Eric and Ginger were a major part of our playlist and inspiration in those days would be a massive understatement.

Four other bits of news came my way of a more personal nature in the past few days.

Kim Sperlazzo had passed away due to cancer. She and husband Bob are longtime friends of Wendi and I and REZ Band. Bob and another bro. produced one of the very first progressive venues and concert ministries in the Chicago metro to welcome REZ back in the day.

One of my grandsons and a mass of his friends along with family celebrated his eleventh birthday with an amazing party, treats, bonfire with s’mores and a guys-only overnight with movies last night.

But I had to leave a little early due to dear friends of ours who had just gotten word of their Doctor’s report: husband and father of three boys has stage four cancer. This in a family already dealing with varied and difficult illness issues.

A visit to the hospital and many prayers later I lay in bed thinking about the flow of life, death, the journey we are all on.

Today it was time for me to do a thorough sweep, mop and room, bathroom (toilet, sink, etc.) scrub while Wendi was at our nephew and soon-to-be-bride’s wedding shower.

In just 3 days, all these events appeared on the radar.

Somewhere between the horror and shock elements, the joy and celebration events, thankfully, the majority of these friends follow the Lord (and with that, the biblical clause for them is: “death, where is your sting?” due to salvation in Jesus). Yet one has to consider one’s effort and stewardship of one’s life and time. I’ve done so regularly for a long time, but either way, it’s still important for every one of us.

I am SO glad to know Him, to recognize in all the pain and sorrow as well as grace, joy and fun in life a Savior Who indeed is THE only Savior.

He is indeed the only God “near” and “not far away” though for some very sad people, at the arm’s length they keep him.

Celebration of a life is one thing… eternal life yet another.

Things to consider along the journey…

Things I am thinking about as we approach another Sunday gathering.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

One thought on “Along The Journey

  1. Autumn is the season of dying- spring being birth, summer being life, and winter being death- and it never fails to to cause me to think on death. Not in a morbid, fearful sense, but it how I think the Lord would have us look on it.

    I love the sweetness in the air during this season. The reason for the sweetness is the decay of the leaves, and it always brings this Scripture to mind: “Precious in the sight of the LORD ; Is the death of His godly ones.” (Psalm 116:15)

    The scent of the dying in Autumn is sweet, and to those who love God, our passing is sweet to Him who we are passing to.

    Other lessons can be drawn from Autumn and dying- (Isn’t Autumn also a time of harvest? Hmmm…)- but it doesn’t stop the pain and loss we feel when someone we love leaves us. I’m sorry for your loss, and I will pray for your friend.

    Thank you for your words, Glenn. I would also like to thank you for your music. My wife and I playing “All My Days” over and over during the birth of our first daughter. We figured such a monumental event needed a good soundtrack!


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