Rice Hater!?

20141019_135207Great service this past Sunday a.m., and then I brought our traditional Sunday lunch up for Wendi and I, that being beans and rice.

Now there may be some who hate rice, but a great lot of the world live on it as a staple and there are many good things we can say about it.

BUT- for all the spices, flavorings, adding it to soups, even cold salads, etc., and even the many and varied varieties of rice there still may be any number of reasons to truly dislike it, even perhaps hate the stuff.

My guess (and that’s all it is) is that the main reasons most would is that they’ve had a lousy-bad experience with it- and if it isn’t cooked properly it can be horribly hard, super gummy and just baaaad.

So it turned out our sister-in-law (originally a Southerner like my Wendi) was in the kitchen today cooking lunch.

Without any explanation (and my wife didn’t know Tina was cooking) I prayed for our lunch, Wendi looked at the rice (which she likes me to bring separate from the beans, so two bowls), took a bite and exclaimed “THIS IS THE BEST RICE I’VE HAD IN YEARS… SOMEBODY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING”! Followed by my laughing remark that due to Southerners knowing how to cook rice (because they eat it, likely more than most upper-midwesterners eat potatoes… which is a lot) both she and our Sis-in-law were the reason.

She promptly asked for her phone so she could brag to Tina on the AMAZING rice.

Now, Wendi is the best cook I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat food by, and she is a riceologist par exellance.

For her to tell someone they’ve done rice super well is a serious compliment and rather unusual.

After the call, Wendi said Tina simply said “I just followed the directions”.


If more Christians (myself included) loved and lived like God desires us to, according to the Bible… what a different church and indeed world it would be!

“I just followed the directions”.

Wow. Yes. God help us, regardless of those who may for any number of reasons worthy and unworthy of it, really dislike or even hate rice.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Rice Hater!?

  1. Hey Glenn, No comment on rice, but your blogs have lovely application to life. Thanks. Anyway, here I am in Africa playing an old CD of yours Throw Down Your Crown (old hey!!..) ..which I got from you when we were both in Ireland long ago… wow your songs still minister so deeply to me… I thought I would just write and say thanks and encourage you to ‘keep on keepin on’. All the best. Dale.

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