GK’s Inspiration?

downloadfileIf you don’t care (and no problem at all if you don’t) what inspires me to creativity, please feel free to pass over this blog post.

From my earliest years I was interested in people. Who were they, where did they come from, what do they think and how did they come to think and believe as they do?

As I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, I was a history, news and communications junkie and still am. Encyclopedias were huge to me, online the CIA (and other) Factbook on various nations and cultures, but also the English language websites of many countries, provinces and such have always held my interest as have many exotic subcultures and of course being a musician, their music.

Geography, maps, terrain, various flora and fauna, all of it interested me and continues to.

I people watch. I study humanity and the all-too-often lack of it.

The “why” and varied perspectives on many and wide-ranging wars in history have long been part of my interest and concern for the human race.

Certainly my own sense of guilt over small-time drug dealing and my pre-conversion life of influencing people and the misery (mine) that I passed on in whatever measure was in part the reason I finally came to faith in Jesus and trusting the Bible as opposed to this or that human philosophy as though fallen human nature could somehow bring peace to my soul much less eternal life.

But it has been a life of study, interest and education in all of these that bring me to a continuing conviction that I must do what I can in lyrics, song intros. and other comments in live shows and of course writing blogs as well as one-on-one and larger conversations with others who care deeply about people and events and seek to encourage uplift instead of pass along ever more self-centered misery to a world rather swimming in it.

Laments: I have spent countless hours in the Book of Psalms and find great inspiration there for integrity in both pain as well as seeking and finding the Lord in the journey no matter the circumstances.

When one experiences and studies and then is moved to care, one not only communicates but acts (as in activism) rather than merely talking and/or theorizing about promoting, provoking and being a part of the process of positive change. Or not. Put bluntly, I couldn’t live with myself by doing nothing in the face of sin and it’s effects.

So I suppose it is in part, that “missing the mark”, which of course I and everyone reading this does… the “negative” that inspires me as much as the positive in promoting good and encouraging change, healing and a godly life. But it’s a matter of character and action not merely politicking for one’s position, or to “get liked”, or career advancement.

If love, and I mean God’s love toward ourselves, others, towards whomever “the least of these” may be isn’t the core generator of our thoughts and actions, it’s all going to be “wood, hay and stubble” in the judgment… which is indeed only a matter of time -not merely “if”.

I’m fully convinced there is a God Who loves beyond all other “love/s”, Who sacrified and Who continues to interact with humankind, His followers in particular.

If the Artist, the Creator, THE Alpha and Omega is not The Source of our inspiration, then I’d say our creative work is a waste of time and largely myopic as opposed to an acceptable offering.

As John the baptist said- “He must increase and I must decrease”. It’s HIS glory and loving others as Jesus does that both costs most as well as rewards the greatest effort and deepest sacrifice along the path.

“Do all you do for the glory of the Lord”, “Let all you do be done in love” and so on, says The Book which inspires me most.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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