Misc. MidOctober ’14 Update

Wow. Between the amazing gift my Wendi is to me, her needs, her upcoming 2nd hip replacement, several really cool recent shows including old and new friends, the Project 12 Gathering at amazing Hebron/Camp Hunt in Indiana, a whole lot of fresh songwriting and recording and Fall colors plus officiated at a sweet couple’s beautiful, fun wedding -it’s been quite the opening to Autumn for me!

Today I took studio time with Ed to record a new tune using one of my personal fave gits. No matter the experience there are so many variables so you can never really predict in advance exactly what a new cigarbox/found object guitar build will sound like tonally. Guess, but not know.

I built this one last year in maybe 20-30 mins. out of a box and some scrap wood being tossed out. Diddley bow heaven, just needed a couple parts and an inner brace. I didn’t even finish the wood, liked the fact the neck matched the box, a bit of sandpaper on the neck and there she was.
This little baby sounded very good right out the chute… so Ed mic’ed it as well as my voice and I did a live recording (no overdubs, sung/played at the same time) for the next project, a tune written while at Hebron last week entitled King Zip.

I DO love diddley bows and this is not only my current favorite but with no pickup just sounds amazing. Used an old medicine bottle for a true bottleneck slide, played a solo section with fingers (no slide on that part) and no pic used at all, only my thumb on the entire song.

Don’t ask- no idea whatsoever when we’ll finish the project and release but we’ll publish all that sometime when we’re good to go with it.

Here’s hopin’ your Autumn is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

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