Whut CAN Ya Do…


With whut ya got?!

So today’s Creativity and Imagination class at Project 12 Gathering included some scripture, several amazing quotes on art and creativity and then came as always the exercise.

I do love it when people engage in the process and risk creativity. As I teach, it can feel quite like a tightrope walk without a net!

Here is one student’s amazing offering which she did totally with the paper I gave and natural elements from outdoors, coffee and a little glue. I’d also included scissors, colored markers, pens, pencils, crayons and a couple glue sticks.

The exercise was to simply offer an image whether drawn, photographed on a phone or other device, using what I offered or what might be found and offer a very sort bit of writing, a couple sentances or a few paragraphs at most that linked story to the image created.

They all did an amazing job (always do in these classes) but she used only the glue to add berries, a few leaves and the rest was mud, red, yellow and green leaves with water to add color to the paper.

Her linked narrative was God’s artifacts juxtaposed against human artifacts and the light He brings by revealing Himself via the things (nature) He has made.

Brilliant stuff!

Tomorrow will be more of a test for most of them, but I can’t wait to see how they stretch and amaze themselves and me also 🙂

Oh, here is also 1/4 of my 4 part feeble attempt, interestingly enough, all about moon shedding light into darkness (kudos to Dark Side of the Moon along with the fact last night I woke at 3:30 a.m. with a nearly full moon shining right between our slightly cracked curtains in our cabin. Of course like us, the moon has no light of it’s own. It can only reflect the sun.20141006_165703

Yes. Let it be so with us!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn



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