Friends Considering…

No, not considering friends as such (though we’re doing that too) but rather friends thinking through… well, God, The Bible, one another’s stories, the modern world and our navigating it. Open discussion, creativity. That’s what Project 12’s “The Gathering” is about each year.

Just realized this is our eighth anniversary, what a journey and truly lasting fruitfulness over these years as we enter into “iron-sharpening-iron” as all chime in to discuss about any and every topic imaginable.

Which leads me to one of my personal joys, that is, teaching and walking us through imagination and creativity classes. We look at quotes, talk ethics and about caring for ourselves and others as well as reflecting the Lord in our work as creative people.

What is it to love others via our artistic offerings? How can we honor one another and give as opposed to only taking, looking for whatever “payoff” comes from art we create and gift, sell or pass on to others?

Huge issues- and in my view, as tribalism and creativity are massive in the present culture (as in other time periods) these matters are truly important rather than merely peripheral.

So I’m enjoying the depth of thought the time to move in deeper waters together.

So there’s my stream of consciousness blurb at the moment among our friends at Hebron Center in the woods of southern Indiana 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn


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