GK Notes- Creativity and Imagination Class

I’m closer than ever to publishing a separate blog here in Word Press that focuses on Art and Creativity with many links to Christian folks who do likewise, particularly in teaching, missions and the like. Stay tuned, I will publicize it soon as it’s ready for the world 🙂

Meanwhile, as I’ve finished my notes/overview for the upcoming Project 12 Discipleship classes I’m teaching in October on Creativity and Imagination, here is that overview and a few points.

Be aware, what follows here is only the overview- there are a number of core, related verses of scripture, many key definitions, a -lot- of quotes from far and wide as well as several specific exercises we will do to bring it all into practical creative moments together 🙂

For more on P12: http://project12.us/

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

Project 12 Creativity and Imagination Class
“The Gathering”- Oct. 2014


My own thoughts on an artistic, creative life, certainly true in my personal life experience- might be summed up like this:

A. Inspiration B. Imagination C. Imitation D. Fabrication

I’m inspired. I begin to imagine an artwork. I may copy one or many different people’s work in order to have a sort of path or road to whatever it is I’m creating. Sometimes I do this consciously, sometimes subconsciously. Then I make “it” and consider it’s value either to myself or if I think it worthy, to/for others.

A. Creativity B. Flexibility C. Fresh Ability

Creating (mostly, for me) seems the easy part. Being flexible and willing to begin with X and end up with Y or Z is part of the journey, not always as fun. Through the process of discovery, learning and growing I realize (often in retrospect) that I’ve learned something new (at least to me) about creating. My own “toolbox” has grown larger, I have more “colors” to work with than I did before risking creating in a new, fresh, often collaborative way.

A. Learning B. Keeping C. Sharing

Life, in my view, seems either a continual stream or a stagnant mud puddle. Either I’m learning, growing, and regarding what I’m creating, keeping it to myself (not always wrong, sometimes exactly right!) or I’m sharing, gifting someone or someoneS with what I create. This takes patience, knowledge, actual wisdom (what to -do- with the knowledge) and relationships! It seems to me loving God and others via our creativity, art and creative offerings are what creators in THE Creator are all about!



  1. I’ve been revisiting this thought too. Do all to the glory of the Lord! We all may not have abilities in what we traditionally think of, arts/music/etc, but we can use the creativity, etc we have. What comes to mind are some of things we may think are mundane like how we use space or serve a meal, even if it is just for our families.

    1. Absolutely true Jean! And in fact, creativity, imagination and art in general as well as beyond as you suggest, is always a risk. But sometimes we are so worried about pleasing others or about failing we don’t risk, don’t even try. Or are closed to something new or fresh just because it’s different. Faith, hope, love… and certainly imperfections as all of us are that!! There was a German goal scorer who put a LOT of goals in the net for the old Chicago Sting, plenty of them game-winners. Karl-Heinz like Babe Ruth in baseball also missed a lot. K.H. once said “He who never shoots never misses”. Got to get up and try! Thanks, -Glenn

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