I am often asked what I’m up to re. recording music, touring and such, so here’s a little inside info.-

Between all our schedules, I am with Ed, sloooowwwwly doing a song or two per week until we build up a fresh cigarbox guitar project. This would be a NEXT YEAR release sometime… we have zero idea when, could be far into 2015… Lord only knows.

So a friend in the music movement sent out a cigarbox guitar-related post yesterday. I happened to get it in my inbox right while taking a 5 min. break at the studio during recording with our first Grrr Records prototype cbg.

I emailed him just that laughing about his timing, and then just on a whim sent him the following lyric to the cbg tune I was recording.

He then said some encouraging things and asked about the imagery. Below you see the lyric and my response.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn

(c) 2014 Glenn Kaiser

Takes me back to the day
Where me and friends used to play

Garden shack out back
Smell of the stove
Laughin’ in an autumn sun
Foggin’ up the windows
All comes back to me
With the scent of kerosene

Babe have you been loved
Do you recollect
Maybe been burned
Cause an’ affect
Remembered though unseen
Like the scent of kerosene

Then there is suggestion
Got to go your way
Pain and rejection
Spreadin’ hell to pay

It ain’t so sweet an’ clean
It can kill


When I was in 1st and 2nd grade in a tiny Wisconsin town my best friend had a garden shed in the back yard w. a kerosene stove in it. Lotsa glass windows for the plants. We’d hang out there. Bright, cold days, warm inside.

Glad it never blew up… you could really smell the fuel. Hard to forget that smell.

Lotsa people have lost in love, gotten hurt, bitter, don’t want to even try love relationship again. They don’t forget but worse, get stuck in the memory, an endless loop.

Sometimes they get so self-centered, entangled in that root of bitterness they are just determined they MUST have their way or nothing… ending up angry, empty, with nothing for a life. Hurting, they hurt others. It’s like hell to pay to get very close to them.

The same fuel that warms you can kill you or others. Plenty of metaphors in this.

So this lyric is both a “slice of life” observation as well as warning.

Vivid, pungent scent. Warm fuzzies or Boom!

There you go 🙂



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