Savanna, Polo, IL

RockyJosephKamplingKind credit to Rocky Joseph Kampling for the pic of me here.

Truly another stellar weekend. God, friends, sweet weather, and yep, good music and eats. Nice.

My longtime friend Teach and I were able to spend great time together on the trip from Chicago to the Mississippi River where we had some overlooks on both the Illinois side at Savanna as well as the Bellevue, Iowa side.20140912_17263220140912_181047

The day was overcast and with a bit of light rain, but no issues, I like both.

The next day several musicians and a lot of volunteers, friends and interested folks showed up at a benefit/street concert/auction and general money-raising affair for T-bone of Holy Ghost Riders. He has liver cancer and he and wife Becky seemed quite blessed. You can’t really tell from my pics here but a good many people came out, really cool.

Lots of money needed for treatments, etc. so it was grace and a blessing for me to be part of the event.

The music was cookin’ blues with just a bit of old-time worship and a lot of smiling faces at a sunny, just-cool-enough outdoor spot where Hawg Dawg’s (biker bar) also hosted an auction with a ton of cool, donated stuff.20140913_13355620140913_13375220140913_133728

Person after person bought something via a raffle and gave it back to be re-sold again to help raise the loot. Great hearts, great day.20140913_133622

And the outdoor grill dude cooked us pork chops worth writin’ home about.

I got invited down the street to another biker bar (Iron Horse) to be gifted with a hoodie (really nice one) where my personal fave antique bikes were lined up on 3 levels topped off with a wedding chapel on the top floor!20140913_174617

Then on to Polo, a little farming town south of Freeport where a very kind group came to a Chicago blues guy’s concert! So I mixed in a lot of chat and worship songs I knew they’d know… done mostly on cigarbox and my Altoid tin guitars along with my 2×4 electric diddley bow. They were truly gracious and it was a good evening. Skinny and crew are good people, what a joy to work with!20140914_172046

Another ride back to Chicago and it’s so true… there is just no place like home! But I SO enjoyed the weekend and big thanks to Teach, Skinny and all who made it a gift to me in bringing a gift to others in need.

Here you can see a number of pics I took on the weekend. And yep, Teach is a handsome dude but I just had to get one of the back of his hoodie at the River.20140912_172724

And how about them gas prices in Iowa?20140912_181903 Yo! Grace.

Thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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