I confess that I (like perhaps some reading this) have noticed a not-good habit. “I know”.

Ever faced the reality that sometimes as we anticipate the end of someone’s sentence, paragraph or explanation of whatever it is, we insert the “I know”?

Whether to assure the person we “get it”, understand their point, or on the down-side out of a desire to speed up the process and “get on with it” as we consider the clock, save time, it’s not the best thing to say.

I’m not saying it is -always- wrong, only that often I find myself muttering “I know”, and even before I heard (quoting old Paul Harvey) “the REST of the story”. Proverbs mentions this as well.

Patience and humility are a huge mountains for many of us, and I’m certainly a climber 🙂

I also notice Paul writes in his powerful unpacking of godly love (agape- God’s love) in 1 Corinthians 13 “Love is patient, love is kind”. I’m often convicted that right at the top, he accents patience, then kindness in that order.

Maybe we aren’t so kind because we’re not all that patient? Maybe we don’t love as much with God’s love as we think we do? Hmmm.

But the key issue as I see here, at least in my own life? Humility. Needing it, growing in it.

I may have written this before, but years ago a guy in the street asked me a rather cosmic theological question. As I thought through the scriptures I couldn’t come up with a solid response so I simply said “I don’t know”. His jaw dropped and he told me I was the first Christian he’d asked that question who admitted they didn’t know the answer. From that point he really listened to the Good News and my own testimony.

There is often something about arrogance, pride, defensiveness and lack of humility in crafting answers, quoting scriptures out of context, perhaps a verbal chess-match that I’m convinced God is not approving of if we and as we fall into such.

There is something about grace, humility and being willing to suffer rejection with respect to the truth, best as you know it to be genuinely -true-.

I find lack of humility, brash and sometimes really dumb statements being made (plenty by me over the years!) by all sorts of people, not only Christ-followers, so as usual, there’s nothing new under the sun.

But more and more I catch myself and ask for help from the Spirit and grace to consider my attitude when I find myself about to say “I know… I know…”. Then the is the matter of plain rudeness.

Didn’t we all say this to our parents, teachers, others when what we really meant was “Get OFF my BACK already!”?? I catch myself saying it to Wendi (my wife) at times… Oops. Not very Christ-like.

Besides, again quoting apostle Paul: “If anyone thinks they know, they know not yet as they ought to know”.

Ahhh… frankly, there are plenty of times I don’t!

Something worth considering.

As always, thanks for stopping by! -Glenn


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