Relationship 101 and 102

My Wendi and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary this past June. Much love, deep grace!

I and several friends attended a good friend’s wedding today. It was truly a kind, gracious celebration of love.

From the preparations (from Peter pan flags to flowers, cool fans, colors and even groomsmen’s clothing), the location (outdoor conservation area w. flowers, old oaks, shade), weather (amazingly cool for August, light breeze, partly sunny) and the obvious love of bride, groom, families and friends, it was very, very special.

My wife and I have known the bride’s parents for many years- true love and sacrifice, kindness and care is evident.

Their daughter is special indeed, and having raised several myself I can relate 🙂
I had not met the presiding pastor before but he seems a good and solid man who loves the Lord and his wife.

What I often think of as a lyricist and songwriter is a juxtaposition of “this and that”. Put another way, one view vs. another, or perhaps “the other”. Contrasts. There are plenty of contrasts in life.

While I found myself taking a lot of pictures for my wife and daughters to see as they could not attend, I also realized I smiled a lot… a whole lot, during the event.

So there are plenty such events in life, right?

Yes. And then there were other thoughts.

And I hear you thinking, perhaps: “Oh oh. Here comes his negative vibe”! Well yes, because we live in a real world that includes the whole gamut of emotions.

In most events of this sort there are single folks, some likely wondering if marriage will ever be a gift they are going to get to unwrap.

There are likely single parents.

There may be several cane, a wheelchair, a walker. Older folks, people with illness and/or disabilities.

Some may seem to rarely smile but most will smile at least a bit as they see a sweet couple pledging to share their life with one another.

On the way home I found myself praying for my friends’ marriage to be sweet, strong, enduring.

We know that divorce is now very typical due to all sorts of pressures, selfish issues, illnesses and etc.. Plenty of people simply choose to live together and for any number of reasons pass on any sort of “legal”, “religious” or even civil ceremony.

This is the world we live in. Not set, secure. Unsettled. Full of hope and promise, full of disappointments, often a fearful, angry world.

If it were in their power I’m certain couples like my friends today would construct a relationship that avoided the normal and sometimes abnormal pains of living in a fallen, myopic, sometimes disastrous world.

I cannot recall in my lifetime a period of greater general anger, fear and confusion about what to do with wars, borders, taxes, immigration, the environment, the poor, culture wars and the list goes on.

People find a thousand reasons to quit, even on living.

I prayed and will pray for God’s grace for my friends to recognize, remember and appropriate two things they both already know:

God in His Word says “I will never leave you nor forsake you” regardless of treatment or circumstances. Jesus also commanded “IF (my caps) you love Me you will obey My commandments”.

If -that- relationship is authentic and lived-out regardless of anything or anyone, marriage can be nurturing, rich and enduring. Yes!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 -Glenn


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