Whut We Dun Yestrdaay

20140812_15033920140812_15040920140812_150419Diddley-bow tune recorded. But I felt like a cheater usin’ a store-bought acoustic pickup…

This is UNO, my trusty one-string 2 x 4 with condensed milk can bridge, dowel percussion device and empty (pretty though) Iguana hot (not really) sauce bottle used for a slide. Couple of cool nails and an acoustic string, block of wood for bridge, 4 drywall screws to hold stuff in place.

No offense meant whatsoever but my last piezo pickup got swiped along with the cigarbox guitar I built last year in Czech Republic while on tour 😦

Just have not been able to give time to building more with Wendi’s hip replacement rehab and other work.

Well, here’s a lo-fi clip from my Android phone… I mean w. the a.c. on in the room, voice recorder on my phone (not meant for music) and some movement and chatter between Ed and I… later for the real deal. At my podcast site (Aug. 13): http://gkaiser.podbean.com But new songs beginning to get recorded. So Blessed!

Thanks for stopping by. -Glenn

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